Brand Called ‘U’

“Win the war, don’t worry about the battle.’-Unknown

FIIB as a part of its management fest, “Sankalp 2012” organized a workshop on “Brand Called U” by Mr. Anshumali Saxena, an online marketing expert and a writer for eBooks and news portals. He started the session by saying that,” There is only one CEO in everyone- the ALL-MIGHTY. This CEO appraises every second you spend on this earth. It has the veto power to cancel your success or boost your success. With the help of five Ps- Passion, Perseverance, Positivity, Permeability and Promotion, you can climb ladders.”

Sir gave us many useful inputs. What lies in a Brand? Everything! –your current and future survival depends on it. Your own self esteem comes from your brand – impact. Your value (salary – even discounts – through friend circle) comes from brand value. People & organizations connected with you stand to gain immensely and you gain from them. It’s better to leave behind a great legacy wherever you work/live so that in future you can come back to it ‘with pride intact’.

You have to work towards sustaining your brand value and even if you are ‘born with it’. Brand value is a continuously changing. You have to consistently build symbiotic interconnections to expand its value. There is nothing called ‘negative brand value’ for professionals like you and me. Its constantly under threat – so be proactive in increasing your ‘competitive advantages’. Your skills and personality are commoditized in today’s balance sheet driven world. It’s one addiction that is healthy (but not the ‘obsession’).It’s a survival-tool for all kinds of people irrespective of their areas of work as well designations. You can en-cash its value consistently viz. networking for info/resources/happiness/counseling/advice/money. This is Brand Reality.

The various Brand ‘U’ Components are:


Work is what you were recruited for and work is what speaks best about you. It is the true barometer of your ‘bottom line’ value to the people who matter. Work towards a workable brand value – both from your capabilities as well the desired capabilities .Seek the best resources –info/tech tools to work smart. Help others and take help from experts – never shy away from either. Build work-bridges and repair faulty bridges without any ego issues. No one ever lost any reputation by asking from a junior nor does any positive, morally correct work lower anyone’s prestige.


Knowledge is what sustains your work today and tomorrow. It is also how well you can help in others’ task. Knowledge is the currency for your brand worth and fuels all growth. Never slow down on knowledge development – internet and professional network are tools of the trade. Practice, Practice, absorb, absorb – endlessly. “It’s a Knowledge Era”. Search surf smart, archive smarter & harness ‘smartest’.


Who doesn’t want an expert. Expertise gets you there …be at it constantly, only physical practice makes it grow. Expertise is never hypothetical – always tangible and sale-able. It is the glue that keeps the organization .Never rest your ‘oars’, make the journey as interesting as possible. Excellence is a never ending journey so might as well as enjoy it too. Learn from the best practices and try and improvise to meet your localized need (but never cut corners).Expertise shared is expertise gained – in today’s collaborative world.


Work + Knowledge + Expertise =Competence.

Competence does not exist in isolation. Competence thrives on positive emotions only. It breaks through such barriers of nationality, breed, example outsourcing. Never work in silos and be a ‘permeable – professional’. Practice persuasive-pervasive competence skills and think out of the box with the larger picture in mind.

Health – Strength, Stamina, Spiritualism

You are as good as your physical & psychological capacity. Good health requires self discipline and positive attitude. Better health is infectious- helps self, teams and families alike. Never feel awkward about your ‘body-type’, be a ‘better-health’ role model- stay updated on latest techniques and balance work load to sustain regular exercise in life-routine. Enjoy being healthy and spread better health cheer all around.

Passion Quotient

IQ + EQ = PQ!

How well you are able to perform in ‘crunch situations’ without making others feel uncomfortable is an art. Ability to go beyond comfort zones = PQ consistence. PQ is recognized as the critical (brand) success factor. It is a living quotient and not ‘transferable’ nor cannot be built overnight. Spread the infection – PQ – happily and consistently! Keep your ‘enthusiasm-batteries’ forever charged and take good care of your physical, mental & spiritual self. Learn from other ‘PQ’ enthusiasts.

Time Quotient

Time is the most ‘expensive resource’ anywhere in the world. While everything else changes, the 24 hour day limit is constant always. PQ with TQ are the true barometers of brand advantage. TQ is also not a ‘sharable’ or ‘bestowed’ quality. Learn from experts/seniors and work at it consistently. No pain – no gain! Practice the 20/80 principle and build on ‘time-deposits’ through smart networking.

Societal Skills

You live within a society which assigns you brand value. You need to be skilful in balancing societal needs, family needs, professional needs & personal needs. Society is omnipresent & omnipotent. Socialization is basis of civilized existence. Interface with social opinion leaders and add value to their cause/beliefs. Be a friend and do not waste energy fighting a force that will always be bigger than you – society! We are increasingly developing into a database driven society so the onus on social-transparency is on us.

Self – Management Skills

‘Charity begins at home’ – If you cannot manage self, then what can you manage. Understand your own distinctive qualities through a SWOT analysis. Enlist the help of experts or books to get an unbiased self-SWOT done. Learn to unlearn and relearn after doing a self-SWOT or expert assisted SWOT. Think of yourself as an organization with various departs as CEO, Marketing, HR, Operations, Finance, Administration.

 The Brand Plan for You: Differentiate yourself pragmatically & progressively. Position your focused message in the hearts & minds of your target customers –internal & external. Persist and be consistent in your marketing (self-appeal) efforts. Customize your services to reflect brand potency. Deliver your value clearly, quickly & concisely. Project credibility and build emotional bridges across change chasms along with creating durable user loyalty.

At the end Mr. Anshumali Saxena concluded by saying that Brand = Your Personal Power. Use it responsibly & not forcibly. Let it grow on others .Enjoy it and make others enjoy it too. Happy Thinking!