Building A Passion Resume

“What will you be when you grow up?” In all its innocence, we have been asked this simple question multiple times when we were kids. Astronaut. Teacher. Scientist. Police officer. Athlete. Runner. Musician. Some have ready answers, some don’t. As we grow up, we are asked this question A little seriously. We’re asked to pick and commit to our careers early in life. 

Tanya Agarwal, CEO – Wellthyfit.coms spoke at TEDxFIIB

For many it’s a decision that comes from stereotypes of society – commit to something, make it your identity. But what if you enjoy doing multiple things in life? What if you like doing more than just one or two things? What if your passions complete you as a human being? What if the novelty of trying out different hobbies help you go through the most mundane and necessary parts of your life? What if you explored your personality a little more? What if you build a life beyond your work that is invested in interests? What if you like variety? Does all the above make you non-committed? Is it daunting to accept the way you are? Scary? Or simply, liberating? 

A passionate runner, fitness enthusiast, Yoga junkie, blogger, CEO of wellthyfit.com, and a multipotentialite, Tanya Agarwal says that you don’t need to pick one of your interests, if you are someone who has the hunger to do multiple things, and do them passionately, you should never stop. Explore Your Multi-potentials. Your Interests/ Passions will save you again and again.

Her hunger for trying out new hobbies has taken her many places, made her many friends, and gave her beautiful moments to look back on. Listen to her while she spoke at TEDxFIIB about building a passion resume.