As Businesses are Becoming Smarter, We Challenged Ourselves to Deliver Better – FIIB’s Journey Towards Global Excellence with AACSB Membership

Just two years ago, who would’ve thought Netflix and chill would become a household phrase in India or that you could go on a weekend shopping spree at Ikea, India? While existing businesses are building new markets to keep up, new businesses are emerging simultaneously to mutate and foray the existing market trends. We can’t help but be swept away by these expeditious waves of changes—whether we’re ready for it or not. To respond to the changing dynamics, FIIB practices what it preaches: how to be flexible and leverage the power of market trends.

FIIB offers a serious #NoHypeMBA with excellence as one of its core values. A curriculum which is developed with the insights of industry practitioners, an experiential learning oriented program, and academic collaborations with global institutes are a testimony to this culture. As another milestone in its journey, FIIB is now a Business Alliance Member of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) This coveted membership signifies high quality and innovation in the business school’s programs, faculty, and partnerships. Let’s hear it in the words of Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB what does this mean for the future of Business education at FIIB.

Q: What is AACSB Business Alliance Membership?

Radhika Shrivastava: Being a Business Education Alliance Member with AACSB means sharing insights in training and development initiatives while focusing on quality Business education. It helps B-Schools to leverage the expertise of AACSB accredited institutions world-wide and at the same time join hands with acclaimed Business education providers to mold the future of business education. AACSB is synonymous with highest standards of excellence with an aim to connect educators, students, and B-Schools to build the next generation of great leaders. Interestingly,  our institute is driven by some core values, one of them being excellence itself, we constantly reinvent ourselves to benchmark with the global standards of excellence and now as a member of AACSB, we believe we will be a part of this global movement of innovation and business education intelligence.

Q: How would AACSB membership be helpful for the institute ?

RS: AACSB membership gives FIIB access to contemporary market insights, news, and knowledge thereby helping us deliver the most-demanded and sought-after business education and managerial skills to our students. This will help us collaborate with business educators, researchers, and the industry to strengthen our program as well as impart industry relevant practices and tools into our curriculum. Since the last 25 years, we have been staying ahead with the needs of the industry and ensured that our budding graduates are equipped with the skills and attitude to take the complex and ever changing corporate challenges head-on.  Our commitment to provide a strong knowledge foundation, rigorous experiential training and a career-empowering community to our students is also reinforced by this membership.

Q: The sole motive of the AACSB is to accelerate innovation in business education, how does the membership enhance the new curriculum of the institute?  

RS: Given the digital disruptions of the industry today, Data is surging through organizations, presenting seismic opportunities and challenges for growth. These changes require a completely different skill-set, irrespective of the function, sector or managerial role that one is involved in. As businesses are changing, so are we. Our new curriculum which is crafted after multiphase discussions with experts of the industry hone analytical skills of the student and infuse innovation and problem solving skills of the student. Our efforts will multiply exponentially with the new inputs we infer from collaboration with AACSB and its accredited institutions. Today’s competitive business world demands a different kind of talent; one that has a great analytical skill set coupled with a strong mindset to perform and exceed expectations and FIIB is ready to polish that talent with its curriculum and newly gained associations.

Q: What vision you have in your mind in transforming the phase of business education ?

RS: Our program not only makes the students employable, but ensures that they drive growth in their careers, as well as the organizations they are engaged in. We constantly upscale our teaching practices to deliver our promise to the student that we will challenge them to achieve their potential, and create opportunities for their future success with the support of committed mentors and lifelong friends they’ll make at FIIB. We gave momentum to our quality agenda recently when we revisited our Programme Educational Objectives (PEO). PEOs signify an important milestone in the journey of a PGDM student. Our revised PEOs are now :

PEO 1: Students will have an integrative and social mindset, enabling them to adapt to a rapidly changing global environment.

PEO 2: Students will engage in advancement of knowledge to excel in their career, with focus on values, ethics, integrity and sustainability.

PEO 3: Students will have holistic understanding of business problems, with sound ability to provide solutions, taking a global outlook and strategic perspective.

PEO 4: Students will continue their pursuit of learning and exhibit professional skills & competencies, for employability, leadership and long term growth.

We involve our key stakeholders – our eminent faculty pool, industry partners, and recruiters in this process to gain comprehensive oversight of the objectives and how they’ll transform students into future leaders. I am confident that we are not just making incremental, we’re disrupting business education inline with the current and future demands of the industry and society likewise.

Q: What kind of training are you focusing on to enhance excellence amongst students?

RS: Our program is the right mix of academia and practice. With tightly mentored Corporate Internship Programs and keen focus on experiential learning, FIIB students are trained with the latest of business acumen teamed with the tools required to analyse data to turn them into actionable directives. While we teach them the core knowledge needed to understand the business functions, we also emphasize on activities that build collaboration, accountability, excellence and upto date communication skills. We also understand that right attitude is what makes someone a leader, and have pinpointed some personality traits which we look for in a student when they apply at FIIB — Smart, Spirited, Purposeful, Dynamic, and Focussed and polish those traits to make them the best versions of themselves. Here, they get all the tools and techniques to succeed in corporate world, all they need to give us is sheer hard work and grit. That’s how they enter to learn, and leave to succeed.

In its endeavor to providing quality business education, FIIB is scaling new heights everyday. On its growth trajectory now, there’s a piece for everyone at FIIB. If you want to be a part of this transformation, write to us on marcomm@fiib.edu.in