Can Technology Replace Human Jobs?

There are massive technology improvements in the form of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science these days. While it has made our life easier and improved efficiency of businesses there is a concern about the future of our jobs. While it can be easy to see that technology has indeed made many jobs obsolete in the past, but it can be argued that due to technology many jobs have been created as well. For example, in the past there were horse drawn carriages or bullock carts to ship cargos which was replaced by motor trucks, the people who used to drive the carriages and carts lost their jobs but at the same time the industries grew at a faster pace which resulted in creation of more jobs.

Technology Makes Menial Jobs Outdated:

Technology usually affects the menial jobs more than the jobs which require skills. Jobs like cashier in the counter of a movie hall is in more danger than a job in the administration department. Technology redefines the job requirements, the introduction of computers offices resulted in a booming IT sector while it was thought as to it will eliminate the need of humans in a workplace. Fintech companies which have facilitated quicker payments has led to creation of many jobs in those companies. E-commerce companies used technology to revolutionize the way we shop, and it too created a lot of jobs.

Technology However Advanced, Can’t Replace Human Thinking:

Driverless cars are coming up and it is predicted that drivers will soon lose their jobs which is possible, but that kind of technology is still very far away. Another reason why technology will not replace jobs anytime soon is because technology is expensive and difficult to implement. It is cheaper to employ human labour than to employ technology. It is for this reason companies outsource their process to countries to China, India and Philippines.

Technology As An Upskilling Tool:

Looking at the other side technology also makes jobs redundant, and in countries which can afford new technologies it can make the current skill set of such employees useless. The use of technology is inevitable and even if not in the near future many jobs later will be automated with improvement in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Sciences. The benefits provided by technology are more than the negatives of it. Manufacturing is the sector that is going to be most affected because of automation. Many countries including China and India have presence of substantial automation in manufacturing setups. The solution to this is by providing better education, reskilling and training them for better jobs. The challenge here is that there is lack of even basic education today it would be even more difficult to make people ready for technical jobs and have that level of expertise. There are some people who might not be naturally talented in technical skills and those people will have trouble finding jobs.

So, in a broader view Technology has two faces to it; on one hand technology has led jobs to be redundant and many people have become unemployable and it will be difficult to create skillful employees who can get employed in future roles. At the same time it has improved our lives, technology in medicine has helped in finding new treatments, it has created new jobs through various e commerce industries, increased productivity in businesses. It has reduced repetitive tasks which consumed unnecessary time, it has reduced error rates and increased accuracy.

Shrabandip Mahanta

Class 2018-20