Career in Entrepreneurship – First Choice of MBA/PGDM Students

MBA/PGDM students dreaming of high paying big corporate jobs is now an idea of yesteryears. The mantra of today’s generation is to “start-your-own” thing. Undoubtedly the fast-paced modern world is perfect for passionate leaders to transform their ideas/dreams into reality. The reason for saying this is several – with Start-up India Campaign, Government is trying to create a business ecosystem that is supportive of innovations and passionate intellectuals. The idea behind the campaign is to realize long term sustainable economic growth and large scale employment opportunities for demographic dividends of India. The initiative, through its ‘action plan’ for implementation, has plenty of opportunities for the youngsters of today.

Under this scheme, entrepreneurs get sustainable support starting from simplification of processes, hand holding to funding and incentives. The scheme also facilitates Industry-Academia partnership and incubation. An incubation center provides basic infrastructure like office space, stationary, furniture and connectivity amongst others to leaders. The primary individuals to take advantage of this scheme are students pursuing their PGDM/MBA from renowned management institutes. From a theoretical understanding of the nitty-gritty of managing a venture to technical & legal understanding of business-related rules and regulations, such institutions are not less than a boon for MBA students.

How FIIB helping students?

Fortune Institutes of International Business (FIIB) have an encouraging environment for entrepreneurship development. The entrepreneurship-cells or E-cells are prevalent in colleges, however, boot camp on entrepreneurship during foundation courses, relevant core and other elective subjects on entrepreneurship at FIIB not only creates a favourable entrepreneurship mindset, but it also motivates students to start a campus company.  The industry exposure during management education at FIIB also helps the students to identify partners, mentors and investors. Two years stint at good institutes connects you to an alumni network of people who can have an impact on your set-up.

Change in social perception matters

Apart from these, management professionals also have minimum risk involved. If the venture does not work as expected, they have a reliable option of joining other organizations in the future. Fortunately, the social perception about starting your own venture has changed now. The stigma attached earlier has now turned into admiration. Companies appreciate innovative and entrepreneurial people who burnt their fingers previously.

All these factors contribute to the idea of starting your own venture. Therefore, when students begin his management education, they should have clear goals in mind and actively work towards achieving them.