Career Management Center: Committed to 100% Placement

The Placement season at FIIB is going extremely well with more than 30 students already placed with big names in the industry. FIIB’s Career Management Centre is focused deeply on MBA students charting out their career goals clearly so that they can pursue the appropriate companies.

MBA campus placements

The college’s Industry Relevant Curriculum and Interface creates a vibrant student community through Unique ‘Beyond the Classroom’ Experiences. One such initiative is the Student placement advisory committee i.e. SPAC. The center functions closely with the Students in association with the Student Placement advisory Committee (SPAC). The selected students are involved in CMC activities and represent CMC and FIIB student community to external and internal stakeholders. The committee is a group of students chosen by CMC as representatives of the student body at FIIB. They voice the views of current students to the CMC and ensure the queries of all placed students are answered to.

This initiative by career management center helps students in the Placement Advisory Committee to help develop a sense of responsibility, organizational & decision-making skills and helps inculcate the right attitude desired by the corporate at the time of recruitment. The exposure of interacting with internal and external stakeholders during on campus placement drives is valuable in its own right. Students have known to learn leadership qualities, step closer to becoming a Leader in alignment with the FIIB mission.

Over the years, with 100% placement records, students have gone on to occupy leadership positions in the industry both in India and abroad, which is a testament to the quality of its programs, the initiatives by the student cells, career advising committee and career management cell. To know about FIIB curriculum visit http://fiib.edu.in/mba-pgdm-programs/curriculum.php