Careers in the area of Sustainability Development

While looking at the recent jobs and career options in the field of management, I couldn’t help noticing job profiles such as Specialist-Corporate Environment Social Responsibilities, Manager EHS (employee health and safety) and many more. Clearly, in the past few years both govt. and the private MNC sector has seen a creative change in the job market with interesting, yet skill based careers slowly taking lead along with the conventional career options. The increasing numbers of careers evolving in the field of sustainability (development) are not only a good news for the job seekers with a management education as their background, rather it also generates hope that we are doing our bit in promoting the cause of sustainability.

Almost two decades ago the study of management became utmost important for job seekers or even tenured employees to get to that next level or get a dream career. However, with the fast changing world and its political, social, and environmental upheavals it has to lead the world leaders and policy makers to give the long due attention to the safety and sustainability of this planet and its environment.

Contrary to the popular belief, sustainability isn’t an area limited only to the students and scholars of bio-technology, rural management, and social work. In fact, a plethora of options is available for the students of management as well. We can’t really deny the advantage that a student of management gets over other candidates as almost all the working models in various organizations now work in accordance with the rules and dynamics of management.

Leading organizations now have a prominent CESR (corporate environment social responsibility) department, which takes care of handling and generating initiatives to protect and nurture the society and the environment at the particular scale. This may include MNCs adopting an entire local village and taking care of the children’s education and health, planting more trees in the vicinity, organizing sustainability awareness events for the employees and the locals, or even encouraging their employees to observe carpooling and using shared rides to help reduce the traffic on the road and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

There is a widespread belief that sustainability is a sector fixed for social workers and selfless people who have no big/real career aspirations, and a regular job aspirant can never really make a decent earning out of it. Thought times are changing and the world over the youth is talking charge of protecting their environment, however, it may take a few more years for sustainability development to become a full-fledged sector and the preferred choice of the fresh graduates and experienced professionals alike.

Again the onus will be on the education sector and parents to some extent, to inculcate the values of respecting and protecting the environment in the children and the youth which would fill the gap of learning about it only as a social cause which only belongs to NGOs and social workers who.

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