CAT 2018: 10 Last-Minute To-Dos Before The Exam

As the countdown begins for the CAT Exam 2018, the students must be extremely enthusiastic yet highly anxious. With each passing moment, the stress levels must be escalating which could adversely affect the overall performance to crack the exam effectively. While you gear up the strategies to crack the exam effectively, we bring to you 10 to-do’s that would surely beat your stress and boost confidence.

CAT 2018: 10 Last-Minute To-Dos Before The Exam

Here’s a set of 10 quick-tips that could act as your assessment checklist…

To make yourself comfortable while maintaining a focused concentration, you should…

Avoid getting affected by personal problems, if any

As human beings, we are extremely sensitive to our personal problems, which we perceive as most disturbing. It is natural to get affected by such problems but to what extent depends on one’s ability to deal with it. Life is all about preparing and achieving hence being distracted by personal problems only weakens your ability to achieve and think clearly with an open mind. Try not being distracted by thoughts of any personal tragedies that you might have witnessed in the past. In order to do justice to your hard work and preparation, you got to forget negative memories that affects your spirit and energy to perform outstandingly.

Keep the quick study material handy for last minute speedy preparation

Believing that you’ve organised material according to the topics and areas with questions which are easy, short and important and expected to carry the highest marks, you are also supposed to keep the study material handy in the form of hard-copies so that you could quickly revise in a sequential and organised manner while giving major preference to the most important topics that would help you score high.

Give major preference to the quick revisions

As you’re not left with much time, indulging in revision of material that seems to be lengthy and time-consuming will only eat up your valuable time cutting it short leaving no time for revision of topics, which requires less exertion as compared to the revision of topics which are time-taking. Restrict your revision to the quick preparatory material such as formulas, methodologies and concepts, which forms the basic understanding to resolve questions and solve as per logical sense.

Revise what you’ve been studying rather than focusing on new topics

By the time you are hours away from appearing for CAT, it is extremely imperative to think smartly rather than acting tough. With little time left, you got to consider revising what you’ve been studying instead of focusing on new topics which you might have left out during your study or found least relevant. Starting afresh with new topics will complicate the situation and leaves you with no scope of revising the topics you understood and memorized easily. Try not getting distracted by new topics to ensure what you know, you know it well.

Revise properly but smartly without wasting the time on less relevant areas or topics

Revision for the sake of revision makes absolutely no sense when you could utilise that time in easing and calming yourself. Never fool yourself by revising in bits or intervals as each moment prior to the exam is a moment that you lose therefore make the most of it by engaging in proper and thorough end-to-end revision of what you studied over the months. Due to less time, you should only and only consider revising the most relevant topics which you believe will help you score highest marks. Consider revising topics for questions which are expected to carry high marks by slowly moving towards topic for questions which carries lesser marks. Segregate topics depending upon previous years question banks and revise material in accordance with the questions that help you score high rather than prioritising areas or topics with less marks. Aiming to attempt questions with higher marks properly would rescue you in-case you fall short of few marks and ultimately improves your overall ranking.

Give major importance to recalling and memorizing what you’ve already studied

Post revision of the entire quick study material, it is highly imperative to begin recalling and memorizing what you’ve learnt and understood during the course of preparation. An absolute focused concentration is required to memorize the topics and areas that you covered while studying. Now is definitely not the time to start revising from the scratch and getting confused needlessly. The more you go back, the more you lose out on revising things which needed a little more attention of yours or topics that you thought of touching last.

Perceive yourself as a master

A few pretentious practices would surely help you in building confidence from within. Once you’re done revising and memorising, you should begin introspecting a bit about yourself and the hardships you overcame, which shaped your overall personality. The key to performing well is to perceive yourself as a master of your own knowledge. Having faith in yourself and believing what you’ve read, understood and absorbed is intact in your memory, gives you a sense of satisfaction that acts as a morale booster and further enhances your confidence of attempting the exam with best of your energies.

Dedicate entire attention to the exam

All actions or reactions of ours is backed by some or the other purpose or objective in life. For you, the challenge at hand is cracking the CAT with the highest score, therefore strictly divert your attention to the aspects of the exam. Thinking about things, which are not relevant to the exam could distract your concentration and line of thought. For many, it is not just a challenge but a stepping stone towards success and ultimate accomplishment. The honest dedication of your attention to exam gives you self-satisfaction and sense of pride that you attempted the exam with best your energies and efforts.

To remain focused while maintaining robust concentration, it is also advisable to avoid interactions as any unwanted comments or wrong advices could discourage and damage your confidence. Avoid getting influenced by others instead become selfish or mean for your own accomplishment.

Overcome nervousness

As CAT Exam comes closer, students tend to get extremely anxious and worried, which significantly affects the self-confidence and damages the performance spirit. To overcome the nervousness, believe in yourself and the preparation you did for the exam. Keep yourself motivated at all times by recalling things that boost your morale and divert your mind towards things that encourages. It is important to maintain a relaxed state of mind while regaining composure to attempt the exam with effectively.

Assess and organise time

Having done your entire preparation properly and attempting numerous set of mock tests, it is time for you to probably get in the mode of execution of your strategies to crack the exam. Prepare yourself for a thorough quick assessment and analysis of the entire question paper in order to allot the appropriate time duration to each question. Develop a time-based strategy that could fetch you the target score. Always attempt questions as per the exam pattern without sparing any extra minute as time is critical and each extra minute wasted is each minute lost.