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Avoiding common mistakes during Group Discussions

MBA admissions

Good communication skills are as important as a good educational qualification. You may be excellent at your work and possess all other necessary skills to perform well in your job and the role around it. However, communication skills give you an edge over others, as often good orators and presenters are considered as people good …

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Nail the Group Discussions


Group discussions have become an integral part of the campus hiring process. Group discussion makes mass elimination of candidates easy for the recruiters. Reading voraciously on every subject will help you gain information on every topic and help you get place better. This will keep you ready for any topic for a discussion in GD …

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Who are we looking for: Admissions 2017

Fortune Institute of International Business.

There is no such thing as a typical management degree course (MBA/PGDM/PGPM). Candidates come to Delhi to join top MBA/Business Schools, from across the countries with wide ranging academic backgrounds, seeking managerial and-leader positions in their future career-path. The students from Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) are not only pursuing future in management, but they …

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Management Education: An inevitable necessity of our times?

No education ever goes wasted but deciding on a suitable education program could be really confusing. Gone are the days, when youngsters could only thought of either getting into the defense forces, medical line, becoming a charted accountant, or joining the family business. The job market has significantly changed over the last 2 decades, thanks …

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How to Impress the MBA Admissions Committee

Admissions at FIIB

With admissions process at beginning, most of the aspiring students are bound to feel that the process is pretty daunting, especially when you consider the acceptance rate of the leading business schools in India. It is easy to get influenced in what sounds good to you, or what seems impressive to your friends, co-workers or …

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MBA Admissions: Devil is in the detail

PGDM admissions

 FIIB is delighted to launch its blog series  Student Feature: highlighting students’ experience and learning during the PGDM at FIIB. Begin  with our first year student Shiva Verma shares insights from his hunt for a perfect B-School. During my search for the best suited Management Institute, I relied on secondary research through internet and primary research …

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