Challenges and Growth – Two Sides of the Same Coin.

In the midst of challenges, growth happens. It’s the reward one gets for withstanding adversity and pain, and the most special gift of life any human being can receive. No doubt, we live in a competitive world which is full of challenges. And no matter what kind of a lifestyle one opts for, challenges are inevitable! Wanting and achieving fame, money and a luxurious life is a challenge. But what about those who want a simple living? Do they also face challenges? A simple lifestyle also has its own share of challenges.

The tricky part with challenges is that we are often not able to see them upfront. We often wonder from where these challenges have actually appeared. Generally challenges appear if one is not completely present ‘in the moment’. Lack of concentration, or lack of enthusiasm, invites hardships. This is the reason why an individual must try his/her best to remain in the present rather than getting stuck in the past or worry about the future. 

There is a famous quote by Larry Bird that reads,“I’ve got a theory that if you give 100% all the time, somehow things will work out in the end.”. This is like a gospel truth and must be followed at all times. One might start slow but with time, patience and faith in the self, one can successfully provide his/her 100% to any situation. A challenging journey helps one to learn and grow very fast. It helps one to learn, unlearn, ideate, experiment, reject, choose and finally settle with the best that syncs well with the ‘present’.  That is how growth comes in a  package with challenges. 

In the process of growth, it is very crucial for one to learn from others’ experiences – be it from the mistakes or from the victory, but following a map of what to follow and what not to, clears a lot of air. 

We all have heard stories about how India got its independence. How our beloved freedom fighters strategized the best possible ways to achieve independence no matter what. This phase was very challenging but all of them learnt from these challenges, and with every trial and error method they kept moving forward and eventually India got its independence.

Similarly, individuals with promising business ideas need to keep their focus intact and work constantly to achieve what they want, as there are no shortcuts to success. It takes courage to transform a business idea into reality and above all to make it survive in a brutally competitive environment. 

Often entrepreneurs face tough challenges, like getting an angel investor or lack of  crucial resources, and a lot of them lose hope and quit as they fail to withstand the ‘hardships’ side of the challenges. However, a lot of what we learn in life often comes from this gritty side of the coin and not from the side of the sunshine and celebrations. It is not the silver lining of the clouds that teaches us how to stand tall after every tide, but the dark clouds themselves that instill patience, courage, persistence and rational optimism to cover important milestones in our lives.