Challenging the Challenges By The Shift Series

The Shift series of talks is a great platform where people from fields like NGOs, Corporate, and Education come and share the challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges in life.

I attended this kind of a conference for the first time in my life, and it has been a very good learning experience for me. If I share my learning of the day, I think this is the best start of my Fellow Leadership Program. Facing challenges in their lives, overcoming them and still giving head-on to the problems is a commendable effort and I appreciate the amount of perseverance shown by the speakers.

The speakers who inspired me were BomBaebs, Ravi Kalra, Niren Choudhary, Neha Sethi, Sarita Devi, RJ Naved, Sindhu Vee, Ameen Haque, Dhruv Singhi. Talking about various challenges faced by speakers:
• It is very difficult to be a stand-up comedian from being a banker as Sindhu Vee is, Making people laugh needs a good sense of humor and I think she is having that and is the finalist in the UK’s Funny women Awards in 2013 these challenges are challenged by the sindhu. She has made our country feel proud “the girl from Sindhustan”.

• Music is the best way to teach lesson to the society, BomBaebs has proved this; their Rap against Rape has changed a lot of minds. If something goes wrong many of the girl’s not even talk about this but these two girls are spreading the message through music and that’s the challenge for them.

• Struggle starts when you are determined to do something. “If there is a will there is a way” thus an organization of 3 can be of 1400 strong people; this is the challenge challenged by Dhruv Singhi, CEO of Yatra.com who experienced a huge loss in his business in the past and then struggled to be an entrepreneur.

• Taking up the social cause through a mode of entertainment so that people can understand the need to change that is done by the RJ Naved through his program “Mirchi Murga”. Coming from a poor class family and achieving Golden Mike – Best RJ Award is an achievement. The challenge challenged by Naved is also using his sense of humor of giving message to the society.

• Talent is in everybody and we need to find it like Neha Sethi, who turned from a Banker to Baker. Getting higher education from a good B-school and doing job, her passion for baking led to the publishing of her successful story in Times of India, Economic times, Forbes life.

• Coming from the small village and becoming the World Champion, Arjuna Awardee, Sarita Devi faced many challenges to achieve those heights. Her self-confidence and her strength being the most important factors of her success, and also the support from her family members helped her reach the milestone.

• Story is what revolves around us. Our life is also a story. Stories are remembered by everyone and I think this needs a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking and one needs to be perfect in story telling because it directly creates an impression in the mind of people. That’s what Ameen Haque had done; telling story to influence people and converting it into a profession is the biggest challenge for a person.
• At last the speaker I liked the most was Ravi Kalra. I want to mention that I also like doing social activities, but up to the level of Ravi kalra I have never thought of it. And for that we need to crazy for our passion. If we are mad enough then only we will able to do it in the best way and with our full dedication and motivation. I personally think that money is not everything that a person needs, but the blessings of helpless people or giving a new life to a person can satisfy our hearts more than money. I have decided to join or provide support to helpless people in his NGO and this is only the place where I can take up my interest of being a social worker.
Apart from the conference being good inspiring, something that was somewhat conveying a wrong message to the young audience was that most of the speakers were saying “we were drop outs from schools/colleges and did not attend any classes and for spending time used to travel in DTC buses” etc. This is not the right message to our society and to growing children of our society.
“Mai khelega”- Shows dedication and passion toward our work
“Pagal hona jaruri hai”- Commitment and Madness toward our interest in life.
“Start from where you are, jump into what you can do, and do make every day count”
“Don’t Give Up” – My biggest learning

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