Challenging the Challenges

The Shift Series of Talks

Theme: Challenging the Challenges

The session was an eye opener for me. Before coming to this session, I had doubts about the sentence ‘challenging the challenges’, such as how one can challenge the challenge which he/she has to face. But after listening to the speakers live, it lifted my confidence and made me more positive to face my challenges.
The key learnings from the talks for me were:
• If we fail in overcoming our challenges, we must not give up, rather change our approach towards solving the challenge
• To come out of the barriers in which we are surrounded.
• The zeal to overcome the challenge must always be there in everyone.
The key note speakers were from various backgrounds such as radio, corporate, digital media, social sector etc. Although they were from diverse backgrounds, but they had one thing in common i.e. Focus. Most of these speakers were working in some other fields before getting settled. They never got disheartened of failures. Instead they followed their passion and aim. They just kept their focus on it and this helped them in successfully challenging their challenges.
The speakers who inspired me the most were:
• Jesh Krishna Murthy: Jesh is the brainchild behind ‘anibrain’, India’s leading VFX studio which was worked on Hollywood pictures such as Death Race, Batman etc. He followed his passion and made it large. His child suffers from down syndrome but he overcame this barrier by training and making him feel part of the society,
• RJ Naved: RJ Naved has achieved golden mike award which is for best RJ. He comes from a poor family but he worked hard to achieve this position. He takes up social cause in his show and try to solve it with humour. He was able to achieve this stage by overcoming the challenge by being more enthusiastic with his listeners.
• Neha Sethi: She is the owner of sweetish house mafia. In spite of being a Wharton graduate she had to lose her job and come back to India. She did not lose hope. She had an interest in bakery and later shifted her focus on bakery. She has now 2 stores in Mumbai. She never lost her focus. She was very clear in what she was pursuing.
• Ritu Dalmia: She is the owner of famous restaurant chain ‘Diva’. Before starting up with ‘diva’, she had to face with lots of failures. She had to shut down her previous projects but this never made her sad. She followed her passion of making and promoting Italian cuisine. She even trained her employees which shows the traits of a leader.
• Dhruv Singhi: He has all the ingredients of a perfect entrepreneur. He first opened up a chemical unit which was later shut down. At later stage, he started with an organization of 3 employees which later grew to 1400 strong people organization. In spite various obstacles in his way, he later became a successful entrepreneur.
This session was a new experience to me it made me realise that in spite of the difficulties in life these people are still jovial and are challenging their challenges successfully.
We can also have such type of intervention in our college where students as well as can share their experience on how they overcame their obstacles and how in being part of FIIB made them overcoming their challenges. This will help everyone in removing their inhibitions.

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