Changing Face of MBA Curriculum

MBA curriculum

With the global economy turning more dynamic each year, one must ask if the vast number of MBA institutes are able to do justice to this rapidly changing business landscape. Dynamism has always been a part of businesses and a traditional MBA course does focus on that. However, one cannot expect a theoretical focus to translate into real-world adaptations.

At FIIB we embrace the change and strive to adapt to critical transformations shaping the global horizon. To ensure that our students are always in line with what the economy demands, we upgrade and revamp our curriculum every two years. These efforts further encourage our students to learn the contemporary requisites for business and management.

In our attempt to stay industry oriented, we introduced digital marketing in the Marketing specialization. Today, brands need to leave a mark on digital platforms to ensure their profit graphs proceed upward. We want our students to be the best at creating a digital presence with the knowledge and courses they are offered here.

Additionally, analytics has been embedded in our curriculum for every course. Each course has analytics as a core subject in the first year and as an elective in the second year. There remains no sector and no specialization that can function without analytics and business intelligence. Consequently, employers are either not able to find employees suiting their needs or they have to spend great resources to train their employees in the relevant skills. We endure to bridge this employment gap that has been widening over the years as the education system has been lagging behind to remain industry relevant.

The changing face of economies and globalization demands a change in the MBA curriculum that institutes have been offering since the beginning. We feel proud to have pioneered a shift to systematically adapting our curriculum to remain industry relevant. Our students are not just ready, they are career ready.