Channelizing my potential from Chennai to Delhi

I’m from Chennai and it was thrilling to imagine to pursue my post-graduation in Delhi. Little did I know that it would be a fruitful decision for me to come to Delhi as I thought that Delhi was a place that would not open up opportunities for Non-Delhiites. But, the environment of the capital city proved me wrong. As my father is a government employee, I have lived and been to many places across the country, hence, I did not have any problem with the culture or the language here, as I was familiar with the culture and customs of the Northern India. Moreover, I believe, Delhi is a wonderful place fostering citizens from a vivid diaspora. Initially, I thought Delhiites would be arrogant and haughty but as I spent quality time with them I found the people very friendly and supporting.

At the college, I took my time to open up and make friends but, with the Mentor-mentee program and various club activities, I learnt a great deal about adapting to a new professional environment. Also at the college, I found the students were very jovial and now I have a candid relationship with almost everyone. My classmates even correct me and help me speak better Hindi without any grammatical mistakes, as my first language is Kannada and I speak Hindi with an accent.

Apart from working upon my speaking of Hindi, I have also taken new roles and responsibilities at the college. I have become the Club co-head for the FIIB Finance Club, and I have also volunteered for the annual academic events at the college like the OPEX Conclave, Katastasi-a case writing competition and the 2nd International Management Conference, where I had the opportunity to meet and interact with students and academicians from various countries. All this has certainly boosted my confidence and I have even polished my public speaking skills, something I was always afraid of.

As the days are passing by, I have started taking studies even more seriously and of course getting close with my friends at the college and often I join them for hangouts. I would say Delhi has welcomed me with all its extravaganza and sparkle!

-J. Deepthi, Class of 2016