Cloud Computing – A Trustworthy Helping Hand For SMBs & Entrepreneurs

No matter what your teachers call you in school – an average student, last-bencher nerd, or a talented class-topper. You all must have some big career plans to pursue, and even bigger business ideas to chase. Presumably, you’re good at planning, sharp in creating strategies and fast enough to make fruitful decisions. But, how will you fulfil your desires if you don’t have your feet on a reliable and trustworthy platform?

In today’s competitive market world, we all quest for a helping hand that understands our vision and helps us further to pave the right path. A path that leads to success and narrates the story of a willingness to take risks and raise a business. Talking precisely about small businesses and entrepreneurs, having a trustworthy helping hand is not the only requirement they have. Instead, uninterrupted services, cost-efficient solutions, and easy-to-access applications are some of the common essentials that strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset.

Summing it up all, the cloud is a reliable, flexible, and most importantly, a trustworthy platform for SMBs and entrepreneurs. A cloud is a powerful tool that is enabling growth and productivity in businesses, allowing them to claim opportunities they never thought possible to fetch. Most of us didn’t even realise that we are already utilizing the cloud for so many purposes. From storing our beloved pictures to accessing Google drive for notes, everything is on the cloud, which means we are living in the sphere of cloud computing.  

How FIIB is making students aware of Cloud Computing?

The faculty of FIIB always gaze to provide the best possible knowledge and skills to their students. Being an MBA institution, FIIB is not only limited to adding advanced analytics course to their curriculum, but they also make sure that every student is skilful enough to use modern tools & functionalities. Undoubtedly, modern businesses are adopting the power of cloud computing to enrich productivity, and that’s the reason why it is quite essential for future leaders to learn such tactics.

How is cloud computing support growing businesses?

It is quite difficult for passionate students to invest a lot of money to make their entrepreneur dream a reality. Physical space for office, in-house server infrastructure to store data, and IT team to deal with technical issues are some basic things that reside in the ‘business planning’ list of a starter. These are the expenditures that cost high and close to impossible for a starter to accomplish.

But, cloud computing makes this whole planning much easier for entrepreneurs. It simply migrates your data to third-party cloud vendor’s server and offers a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure solution to the business. Below are some of the advantages of cloud computing that help startup businesses grow:

  • Big Data Analytics

It is essential to have filtered data and real-time market insights to make smart business decisions. Cloud computing companies understand the data-driven market of today’s and thus, provides big data analytics tools that are accessible from anywhere.

  • Mobility

No entrepreneur wants to stick to a single chair and do 9-5 shift just for the sake of ‘business traditions’. Cloud computing respects this mindset and allow users to access business data from any location at any time, irrespective of what device or operating system they’re using.  

  • File Storage & Data Backups

Business owners invest their precious time in finding the location of modified documents and deleting the clutter of junk files. Cloud computing offers unlimited storage space to save business data and automatically backups the data to ease disaster recovery hurdles.

  • Data Security

Keeping sensitive business data away from the reach of cybercriminals is quite difficult these days. Cloud ensures complete security of your data by storing it in certified data centers that follow advanced security techniques such as two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and anti-virus programs.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

Most of the cloud vendors understand the utmost requirement of increasing and decreasing the resources in starter business, and thus – provides resource scalability and platform flexibility to users.  

So, you as an entrepreneur can avail all these perks only if you join hand with cloud technology!

How cloud computing nourishes your entrepreneur journey?

Switching to cloud-based applications simply means that you’re ready to participate in a monumental shift of growth and betterment. Hardly a few passionate entrepreneurs out of the crowd of many truly understand the worth of streamlined process and freedom of accessibility. And those who thrive for such functionalities are the ones who find cloud computing as a nourishing tonic that acts like water to new seeds. Let’s explore in what ways cloud computing nourishes your entrepreneur journey.

  • Better Insights

Entrepreneurs cannot invest money in business intelligence and analytics tools. Integrating their business plan to the cloud infrastructure give access to real-time data insights, which is vital to forecast better marketing strategies and decisions.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Server maintenance and software upgradation are no longer your responsibility after you move to the cloud, which indicates that you’ll have plenty of time to think about future plans and options to save more money.

  • Smart Savings

Most of the cloud vendors follow pay-as-you-go policy that states, users have to pay only for those services and resources which they’re using at the present time. It also offers timely technical assistance and disaster recovery options that eradicates the need for outsourced services.

  • Increased Collaboration

The technology provides a collaborative platform to team members, executives and group of developers to work together. Such friendly technologies are requisite for an entrepreneur to innovate faster.

Act cloud-ish, but don’t be childish

It is clear to you by now that cloud computing is a powerful tool for those who want to do something big with their ideas and visions. However, it is equally important to check the authenticity and credibility of the cloud vendor with whom you are integrating your business. It is good to be ambitious, but even better to explore the market before engaging with any party or platform.