Commendation for IMC – Delegates Speak


The international conference was a great experience. We had the chance to spend 2 days at Fortune Institute of International Business.  Thank you for your warm welcome and the opportunity to have a rich exchange of exciting ideas with you and your colleagues, and the other national and international participants. Everything was so well organized, and coffee-breaks, lunch and dinners allowed us to network with all the participants while tasting excellent Indian dishes. Great thanks to all the students who helped us whenever we had questions or special needs. Mihaela and myself are completely fascinated by your beautiful country. To make our Indian “dream” last a little bit longer, we heard Indian music during our whole flight back to Paris! We look forwards to find possibilities for collaboration different research fields.

Dr. Cornelia Caseau,

Professor, Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France


I thank you very sincerely for these conference days so rich in exchanges, in friendship and in emotion. Fortune Institute of International Business is an impeccable organization, with presentations that gave me interesting ideas, moments of conviviality and real exchanges with the director and faculty along with partners, not forgetting your students who are remarkable. It was my first trip to India and I admit to having discovered a fabulous country, with a huge culture and a people so welcoming! I already miss the colors and the effervescence of Delhi. I had the honor to live through you very different and rich things, which I bring back into my heart and that I will keep forever. Your lovely gifts (the green plant has arrived on my desk!) reminds me constantly of your wonderful welcome and I hope that this conference will become the beginning of future collaborations. I think there is a lot of common ground between our research activities and I hope that we will find opportunities in the future to working together.Ms Bonescu Mihaela of France

Mihaela Bonescu,

Professor, Burgundy School of Business, Dijon France.


I am writing to thank you and your team [including the student volunteers] for the hospitality and the courteousness shown and making me feel comfortable during the conference.


Research scholar
D.Goenka University