Community & Culture – The two C’s that are influencing and changing perspectives of the New MBA grads

Amid the fog of uncertainty, aspiring young managers are charting new paths in their quest for the next normal. Sitting within the confines of their own homes they are virtually reaching out to the rest of the world and sprouting a completely new mindset of unplugging geographical barriers. 

With digital technology opening new doors of learning beyond the physical and cultural boundaries for them, the aspiring MBA grads are seeing a paradigm shift in their learning perspectives and attitudes. Something similar has been experienced by a select group of FIIB students who are undergoing their virtual study abroad program with the University of Salerno, Italy.  

Let’s hear what these students have to say about their interaction with a different community and culture and understand how one can identify their own strengths and adapt one’s behaviour and mindset when learning in a multicultural community environment.

Quoting Stephen R. Covey “Strength lies in differences, not similarities“, Aryashree believes that culture defines community and every community is distinct around the globe. But she had never really personally experienced how sensitivity and diversity work in tandem in inter-community and -culture interactions. 

So when she got selected for FIIB’s Study Abroad Semester Program she was highly excited, “it provided me with the much-needed opportunity to explore and experience the diversity and differences in a community and cultural sensitive environment.” And, now she is a firm believer that the foremost culture of every community should be perseverance, honesty, hard work and above all humanity. 

No matter what we do in our life, we usually need other people to support us in order to fulfil our aspirations. Similarly, no matter where we go and live, community & culture are two major aspects that significantly impact our lives. Akinchan genuinely thinks that humans restrict their capabilities to think out of the box if they tend to live in the same culture. Stepping out of his culture zone to befriend his imaginative thinking and innovative thoughts was amongst his biggest desires, and he is thankful to FIIB for “giving me a chance to study a semester with University of Salerno during these times of  limited geographical mobility..” 

Akinchan has truly discovered the essence of life while working with some awesome teammates residing in Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.  His outlook towards “what’s next in the future” has transformed unimaginably as he comprehends the values that are common in all cultures.

Brij is quite overwhelmed with the response he’s getting from his new virtual friends who belong to different geo locations. Before getting selected for FIIB’s Study Abroad Program, he used to value his own beliefs and opinions as “this is what I’ve been taught since my childhood.” In addition to an array of classroom and outside the classroom activities, “I was influenced immensely by the ‘House Teammate’ project as it helped me understand the multi-cultural values and discussions over the personal values, beliefs, and religions.

Community and cultural aspects provide us with a sense of awareness about our diverse culture that further shapes our thinking and abilities on various grounds in our life. Anand believes that these two C’s helps us to recognise and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own. “Though I’m familiar with the shift in perspectives that community and culture brings, this golden opportunity of studying one semester at the University of Salerno that FIIB has given me, has refined my experience in a much broader way.” Anand says that the practical experience provided by Salerno has given him a chance to expand his thinking abilities in a much more organised way!