Consistency is key to Become an Effective Remote Learner

Having a consistent routine might seem like sucking the spontaneity out of life for many. But, in reality, having a routine simply means forming a bunch of new habits that helps you improve yourself and discover your true potential. It by no means stops you from leaving space for some unexplored activities that can further evolve you as a person.” – Suprabh Goswami, Batch 2020-22

Only consistency can make a routine happen on autopilot

You listed down all the activities you need to do in a day, blocked desirable time for each activity, and after two hours you find yourself doing something that is not planned because sticking to a routine is not your cup of tea. This is not how it works. Staying consistent to your routine is more like practicing a new habit daily until it becomes the favorite time of your day. 

#RealFact – The more you practice a new habit the easier it becomes for you to fit it in a routine. And with time and consistency it moves up to be on an autopilot mode. 

Making a new habit stick takes time and effort

When I started off my freshman year MBA lectures online, it was pretty difficult for me to track down and follow my class schedule on Google Classroom. And I often ended up logging in to my online lectures late. Being a strong believer of having a routine, I very quickly created a time-table for myself and started following it.

It’s been more than a month now and I am attending all my classes timely, participating in almost every quiz and other activities that FIIB has planned in our virtual curriculum and making my notes in every lecture without any stress about the bad network or connectivity issues. For this, I am really thankful to Prof. Prashant Verma Sir for his guidance on how to use Google Classrooms and other online tools to ensure that I am on the top of driving my online learning. 

#RealFact – Undoubtedly, it takes time to align yourself with a routine but once you crack the code and are consistent with your routine – you literally feel like a proud remote learner!

The most effective part of my routine…

After the session ends at 2:30 pm, I take a small nap. From 5 pm till 8 pm I engage myself in my hobbies  and after 8:30 pm I look up the notes from the day’s classes and revise what’s been taught. I google the words or terms that I don’t understand. After 11pm, I learn about astronomy through novels and videos till I feel sleepy.

Final thoughts on being ‘consistent’

Whenever I feel why I’ve to follow a routine, I remind myself of the objective that I’m trying to accomplish – of making the best out of my #NewNormalMBA in a crisis situation. I believe that being consistent is always good, especially when it is in the right direction – time is money and we shouldn’t waste it on anything unworthy.