Conversion Rate Optimization: You’ve Got The Power

Conversion Rate Optimization. This word changed my life by giving it a powerful boost. I can never thank enough to my friend who introduced me with this amazing concept. You want to know my story towards success. It starts from the time When I was in 12th , I had this enthusiastic feeling of doing something in life. To be my own boss, live on my own terms just like a free bird. I always wanted to wear T-shirts carrying the logo of my school.  It was then when I came up with a business plan, a business of starting our own chain on apparels specially customized for colleges and schools. Hours of planning, execution , all this blood and sweat was just to make a mark in this competitive world.  To give my customers their best experience. Catchy designs, lucrative pricing, offers and discounts, we tried everything. But ended up getting disappointed. “Few Customers!!!

I always rechecked my loopholes, tried all sorts of marketing college, radio, newspaper, online, word to mouth, everything. We were running out of key words to increase our sales. Few days back I got to know this alien word called “Conversion Rate Optimization”. RELAX…!

CRO is a method of creating an experience for a website with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.”

BINGO!! That is exactly what I wanted.

Ever thought why people are frequent buyers of websites like Jabong and Mintra. That’s were CRO does its magic. I wondered, will this work? Will this make any difference? But back in my mind, I wanted to give it a shot.

So, here how it worked. There are mainly two schools of thought prevailing in few years. One school is more focused on testing as an approach to discover the best way to increase a website’s view rate( The Number of times a website is viewed) .  The other school is focused more on the pre testing stage of the optimization process. To be honest, person starting a new venture “wants to make a difference” “wants to be wanted” and will definitely follow the first school, so did I.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of increasing website leads and sales without spending money on attracting more visitors by reducing your visitor “bounce rate“. Some test methods enable one to monitor which headlines, images and content help one convert more visitors into customers.

When you sign on with our Conversion Rate Optimisation service, work to identify and eliminate the conversion-obstructing elements of your website, and replace them with ones that will have your phones ringing off the hook and your prospects scrambling to find their credit cards.

Conversion optimization specialists will help you to:

  • Eliminate conflicting messages. Focus your prospects’ attention on the most important message – the one that makes you money!
  • Drive down your website’s bounce rate. Stop your hard-won visitors from clicking the ‘Back’ button the moment they arrive
  • Slash your shopping cart abandonment rate. Save your precious sales from being lost at the critical last moment
  • Streamline the conversion process. Guide your visitors to take exactly the actions you want, in the order that you want, every time

CRO is seen as a direct measure to achieve business objectives. My ultimate goal using CRO is to make every visitor count. In addition to the above crucial points one can look after some more focus areas-

  • Responsive Web design- The website first look should we catchy enough to engage the customer. It is said that the average time a customer spends on a particular webpage is 4 seconds. Make sure that those 4 seconds of your customer makes him stay a little longer.
  • Easy to navigate Page- The website should speak to the customer. So that customer could reach exactly where it wants to.
  • User friendly language.
  • Strong call to action.
  • Better engagement and user interaction- online Customer care, Highlighters, Banners are fewer examples of Better engagement with the customers.

 After all the time and investment put into your website along with other marketing assets it makes it even more important and easier to efficiently  improve customer conversion.  CRO is a great tool to add the mix.

Now!! Let’s talk business!! How did this benefit me:-

  • First Mover Advantage

If your competitors aren’t doing it already, they will be doing it very soon. Make sure that you are the first one to tap on. There is an enormous advantage to bring in the lead rather than lagging behind. Once you are ahead, you gain money. If you are playing catch-up and being behind others, you are losing money.

  • Saving Lots and Lots Of Money

The obvious reason to improve your conversion rate is that you want more customers without having to spend a penny more on advertising. More customers lead to more money which leads to less spending and more saving.

  • CRO Makes Your Business More Robust.

When your CRO increases, suddenly you can afford to advertise in other media (online or offline), which makes your company much more robust.

  • Not at all time consuming
  • Not a Rocket science.
  • Rapid results;

These are just few of the many benefits that follow with the big elephant.

Now that you are ready to brainstorm and analyze the benefits you can reap out of CRO, One word of advice from my side. “Opportunities knock your door just once, therefore don’t be lazy”.

CRO changed the picture of my business Idea. I have ample customers. I am happy and kicking.