Corporate Internship: An ideal time to build your portfolio

The modern way to measure one’s success is probably the amount of information available about them on Google and other online professional platforms such as LinkedIn. And it is almost unavoidable to prove your worth in the absence of a solid online presence, in terms of a profile and portfolio which talks about your career and professional accomplishments. Hence it is imperative to have a reliable online profile and connections with the professional world and people who matter, along with your formal educational qualifications.

Corporate Internship Program

Nearly all management programs from MBA to PGDM, across the globe boast of their ideally created Corporate Internship Programs for their students, and of course it is an integral part of your management education. The 3- 6 months of your internship at a corporate is a part of your journey to learn the art of management, yet this can also be the time you achieve your first milestone of creating a solid portfolio for your future careers and growth. Here are a few steps you can use to utilize your internship time to the fullest:

Using LinkedIn

This is the first and the best way to get started. Make a strong LinkedIn profile and add your neatly written resume along with all the details of your work, internships, summer projects, initiatives taken, and responsibilities handled. Have more industry relevant connections by adding more people to your account, this works a little like Facebook but of course on a far more professional level. One unique aspect of LinkedIn profiles is the recommendation part for your skillset. For example, if you add ‘marketing’ as a skill, you can ask people to endorse you with a feedback or note saying “Stacy has a rich experience and her marketing skills are unmatched. I would recommend her for such roles!”  These recommendations and skills endorsements help strengthen and support your profile can really help you with getting new projects and jobs.

Using Facebook

Yes! You can use FB for professional gains as well, and this doesn’t have to be your ‘only’ FB profile. You can have multiple profiles for different uses. A professional Facebook account can be used to like, share industry and career relevant content like articles, pictures, blogs and you can use the live feature to talk about the events you attend and participated in. Facebook content has a better reach as well, and by becoming members of various professional groups you can reap all the benefits of networking and socializing.


If you are passionate about your field of work and reading and writing about it interests you, then without wasting time get on to that blog and start writing about the things that matter to you. Don’t worry about who would read your blog as you have barely begun to work in the industry, it is the very habit and discipline of writing regularly that will fetch you more recognition and rewards in due time. And of course, ever stream of work and industry longs for people who can come up with genuine and creative content.

You can begin with these simple steps and add and edit content to your profile. It is the consciousness of keeping yourself abreast of the changing demands of the digital age, that will help you both personally and professionally.