Corporate Internship Program Anticipation

Finally, it’s time to step up on the first step of the ladder of my career in my PGDM where I dreamt of achieving my goals.

On the very first day of my PGDM, I was very nervous about my future but now once I got selected for the very first interviews where I got some vision to direct my life because I never hoped that I am even capable of doing a Corporate Internship Program and this made me think that how the placement plays an important role in my career.

The selection in the interview for the internship gave me a boost because I had not only got selected in a single company but in another company as well and now I had a proposal of two companies at the same time, the moment I got this news, I was in heavens but now the situation becomes dicier here as it’s about options and things become more difficult when you get many options for the same price. This lands me up in a confused cloud.

So, I took the help of my mentors to get through this confusion and they said “whatever you do, just give your best and you should see your experience instead of seeing companies” this gave me such a relax and great inspiration which made my selection easier.

Now, this is the time to go for the option which I have chosen after so much of anxieties and to this, I selected one of the best companies out of those two but unfortunately, that company has selected some other candidate which they might have probably found better than me.

This gives me a lesson “Never take the things for granted” & “there is always a suitable time for suitable things”.

After all this I finally got the joining letter of the preferred organization that is “Ingenetus Consultants” a start up. The startup puts more and more responsibilities on your shoulders and this will somewhere help me in gaining the in-depth knowledge of the organization to enhance my experience more.

I anticipate that in my Corporate Internship Program I will be able to seek good social experiences as well as improve my management skills because I am a Marketing student and this will help me to make my CIP report best amongst my batch mates.

Student Entry by –
Prateek Monga,
Class of 2018