Day 1 In Office: Ways To Make The Most Of It and Tips On Leaving A Lasting First Impression!

The corporate world can come out as the biggest examiner of all time. It polishes us, challenges us and also helps us to become better with each passing project and work challenge. If you’re a new graduate or simply joining a new organization, your first day has a long-term impact on the tone you want to set for your stint in the organization. It is not always bookish knowledge or impressive coding skills that can take us higher in our corporate lives, it is something beyond all these. Let us explore them.

Have Faith In Yourself

Confidence is that vocabulary that stands out from the rest. The way you carry yourself and the way you express yourself tells a lot more about you than your efforts do. The world is filled with uncertainties and once people come across individuals who are confident at least of themselves, it becomes remarkable. 

Clear Communication 

No one has time to guess or mind read the other person. So it is crucial for an individual to speak to the point or at least speak clearly to people so that the concerned message is delivered well. Hence, having a sense of what to say and how much to say goes a long way. 

Body Language

When we respect someone during the first glance, we respect that person based on the way s/he speaks and the way s/he carries him/herself. Having a straight back when you are sitting at your desktop, walking with relaxation and much poise are some of the ways that will win you brownie points during your initial days in the corporate world. 

Dressing Sense

One cannot expect to rock a party in traditional clothes similarly one cannot expect to gain positive recognition by wearing loud colours in the office. The corporate is a place where one is required to dress soberly with pastel shades and soft colours. Wear clothes in which you feel both comfortable and confident in.


Carrying all the important documents during the first week in the office is crucial because  that week involves a lot of HR work. Hence, being present and prompt with the documents shows that one is responsible.  


Time and tide wait for no one. This is the reason why one must reach the office 20 mins earlier at least during the first week. The first impression counts on reaching on time and this shows how responsible one is towards the corporate duties. Plus if you are the last one you enter the room then obviously all heads will turn towards you that will automatically pull down a huge portion of your confidence which will ultimately hamper your performance critically. 

Now, what shall you be doing to make the most of your day when it is your first?

The best that you can do is to interact with as many people as possible. This is crucial as you will be ultimately working with them for the next few years. So the faster you will be knowing them the better it will become for you.  Go up to the different departments. Start interacting with the team leaders. Introduce yourself with a  smile and tell them a bit about your role in the organization. This will show that you are friendly and people will not hesitate much to talk to you. 

Take a tour of your office. Learn where the cafeteria is, where the restrooms are, locate the different cabins of the CXOs and try to note all the emergency exits just in case. 

Have a small interaction with the HR, know about the expectation that the company has from you in the long run. Understand the culture of the organization and try to see what personality traits you have to maintain the culture or to fit in that culture.  

Learn about the biggest achievement of your team lead. Talk to him about the ideas you have regarding your work. This will make the level of understanding better about your team lead and vice versa.

Next, you are required to be very honest about any shortcomings that you have. This is because there is no shame in being who you really are. In fact your expressions will help your team lead to know better what to expect from you immediately and what not.