Day 3 of the Pre-term Week: Students learn from about Case Studies and Career Building

Industry Interaction (Batch 2014-2016)

Students of Batch 2014-2016 attended interesting sessions on day 3 of Pre-term. The day started with a session with Ms. Radhika Shrivastava- Executive Director, FIIB. Titled “An Introduction to Case Study Methods”, the session aimed to systematically develop skills and pattern models among students to improve their techniques and methods of functioning during case study sessions. Ms. Shrivastava thoroughly explained the objectives of case studies and also the methods that students should implement. Further, she discussed the types of Case Studies, viz. Decision cases, Problem Cases, Evaluation Cases and how to categorize a given case into these classes. Citing handouts and practical examples of a few case studies, she pointed out that a case by itself can never be classified into a particular category; it will depend on the method of approach by an individual and will vary accordingly. Besides elaborating on the attributes of case studies, Ms. Shrivastava also urged students to become more responsible during their two years of PGDM and to inculcate the values of leadership and teamwork.

Here is what a few students had to say about the session:

Rohit: “I came to know a lot of things about case studies. I am sure that the tips and suggestions shared during the session will be of great use to us.”

Mayank: “This was a great learning session. Many core techniques were discussed with a simple approach.”

Following this, Prof Deepankar Chakrabarti (ISM) conducted a session on the topic “Academic Integrity” that highlighted the discipline and behavioral expectations of the Institute from students. He gave a few examples to communicate the consequences of academic dishonesty. The policies of the Institute exhibit no mercy to foul play; and may lead to extreme ramifications like an “F” in exams or even expulsion from the program, if necessary. At the end of the session, everyone in the batch made promises to adhere to the discipline and codes of conduct set by the Institute.

Post lunch, Ms. Akshita Agrawal, Corporate Communications Head- FIIB, spoke to students about life at FIIB in a crisp session. Ms. Akshita talked about the student clubs, the structure of leadership and the respective roles and responsibilities of co heads. She also threw light on the regular conferences, seminars and functions that are organized at the Institute in tandem with the PGDM program. Sharing about how unique life at FIIB is going to be for each student, she explained how the environment of the college is going to be a breeding ground for successful managers of tomorrow.

Later, in the “Industry Interaction” sessions, Ms. Nivedita, an FIIB alumnus spoke about the various prospects of a management degree in today’s world and also discussed a number of significant issues related to specializations in PGDM, prospects of different specializations and their demands in the market. In an open question-answer session with students, she discussed about topics like options for Finance students, Marketing vs International Business, do’s and don’ts of an MBA and how to prepare for an interview.

Ms. Rimi Oberoi, Founder- Oysterconnect.com was also invited to be a part of the Industry Interaction session where she spoke about the “Structure and requirement of various skills in the PGDM program”. Her speech primarily dealt with the topics of skill development, importance of self-doubt, hard work and focus. Ms. Oberoi stressed on the fact that PGDM and MBA are still the best degrees in the country since no other degree can surpass them in terms of value-adding and innovation. She gave a number of examples from her working experience to show how students need to move ahead of the fear factor and gain success and happiness by following a certain principles. After her speech, Ms. Oberoi also answered a few questions from participants around the topics of entrepreneurship and job-hunting.

The 3rd day sessions of the Pre-term ended with students feeling more inspired and educated as they wait to attend the remaining programs of the week.