Day 7 & 8: Students learn about Case Study Methods and Other Important Subjects

On Day 7 and 8 of the Pre-Term, students continued attending sessions on Case Study methods and other important topics such as Digital personality and Business implications in changing world.

Day 7 started with Ms. Radhika Shrivastava’s session on Case Study Methods. The training on Study techniques and methods continued helping students to become more effective in their case studies. With a live case discussion Ms. Shrivastava urged students to determine and define the causes, effects and possible conclusions. Students were encouraged to discuss and debate assignment questions in groups to analyze the case from different perspectives.

Here is what a student shares about the session:

Shashwat: “I learnt a lot about problematic case studies during this interactive session. I got a good chance to go through some brain-storming. It was overall a wonderful experience”.

In the session that followed, Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha made students familiar with the programs at the Institute. The purpose and correlations between various programs were discussed, teaching methods were highlighted and techniques for development were shared. Students were encouraged to discover their strengths and weaknesses and convert them into opportunities.

Post lunch, in a session called Learning through outcome based approach; Dr. K.B.C Saxena discussed valuable elements around goal setting and tips for achieving them. The session highlighted how a solid career may be built with proper focus and hard work. In the interactive session, he helped students to identify their reasons and goals for joining FIIB and threw light on how their desired functional area should help them in acquiring what they ought to.

In the last session for Day 7, students were made familiar with the Administrative support and infrastructure. Department Heads shared presentations on how each department thrives for student excellence by assisting them in a comprehensive manner.

In the first session on Day 8 of the Pre Term, Prof Jones Mathew shared decision making tips on the topic of Case Study Methods. He helped to identify what approaches are suitable for realistic case studies in a systematic manner. Students were divided into groups and strategies were discussed taking a particular case as an example.

Prof Monica Mor conducted a session on Digital Personality, where participants learnt the importance of digital presence and how digital footprint of an individual may be crucial in building a robust career. Tips were shared on building a unique presence on the social media platforms. As part of the classroom assignment, students made individual IDs on Pagalguy and posted their experience on relevant forums.

Later, Mr. Raju Ahluwalia- General Manager (HR), Wipro Ltd. spoke about Business Implications in changing world. He discussed about various challenges that the world has to face now. Leadership principles and competencies were discussed. Procedures to keep at par with global thinking and building strategies to achieve bigger goals were highlighted. He also shared a comprehensive glance at the history and future of Wipro Ltd. in context to the global business parameters.

Students were acquainted with a lot of wisdom and discipline on Day 7 and 8 of the Pre Term and they feel more informed and inspired than earlier.