Dedication blended with a constant will to learn. This is how Ravi defines success in life!

Management students strive to attain the ability to set any situation right and make the most out of the opportunities it provides. Ravi Virwani stood true to his aspirations and made the most of the opportunities that came his way and continued to build on them and how!

He believes that someone’s presence in the office does not hold any value if that person is not productive. This belief has egged him to rediscover and recreate himself through new skills and ideas, and in a way also helped him stay alert in every step of his corporate journey.

His Journey with FIIB:

“I really enjoyed my journey in FIIB as I relished the all-round conditioning I got before stepping into the corporate world. The batchmates, the professors, the regulations that were to be followed, all were good. I also got a good dose of experiential learning exposure through some brilliant case studies. It taught me how to solve problems in a scientific way. Added to this, of course being in Delhi, I got the opportunity to attend several conferences beyond the college campus. This helped me closely observe and understand the world beyond the four walls of the classroom.”

Early Corporate Life 

“I was very happy to get my first job in ICICI Bank at their corporate office. It was a good stepping stone and being there gave me a good macro view of almost every financial situation. I learnt things from many angles that probably provided me a far better understanding than my peers, so yes the exposure added significantly to my learning curve”

Fast forward to the current day, he is in the designation where he shoulders the responsibilities of building affordable housing finance portfolios for his company with a vision of ‘Customer First’

His point of view on COVID 19

“One requires to show his/her worth during such times. Coming to the office to show your face and not doing any work doesn’t take anybody ahead in life anyways. Relevant skill sets and one’s contribution to the profits of the organization is what will count even more from now on. Upskilling will provide growth for sure and the future corporate personalities must start adapting to this as quickly as they can. This was from an individual point of view. 

From the organizational point of view, being agile is paramount and companies must look at and adapt new ways to work. Organizations must also accept new behavioral changes in customers, individuals and as well as in employees. This is something that all of us will be required to take care of in the coming future. People will have to adapt according to the environment.”

This was Ravi and his words of wisdom for you. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in