Deepening Bonds to Drive Growth: A Message From Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB’s Executive Director

“We opened 2019 with a commitment to deeply listen to, engage with and bring happiness to the lives that we touch – students, alumni, employees, corporate partners. As the year comes to an end now, it’s time to look back and reflect on our efforts to deliver what we had promised.”

Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB’s Executive Director

This year was spent deeply listening to and engaging our key stakeholders with a sole purpose of striving for each one’s success, while keeping FIIB’s mission of advancing the practice of management at the forefront. 

New technology changes have led to the emergence of newer job roles and skills. To bridge this gap, and to help our recruiter partners find perfect fits, we aligned today’s job roles to our career tracks and also created live projects and internships that were a win-win.  We’ve held full-house faculty development programs and focused on research outcomes addressing the most contemporary management challenges. We organized a bigger-than-before second edition of TEDx at FIIB which brought some of the most engaging storytellers to the campus. Further our 5th International Management Conference brought world-renowned scholars on one stage. 

For our students, we took initiatives to spread happiness, provide opportunities, and inspire excellence. We listened to our students and started off refreshments-on-the-go to boost their mornings, music stations to up the energy levels, on-campus Saddle Gym to raise physical and mental fitness and a dedicated 24X7 counselling platform for emotional wellbeing. 

Our alumni, who are spread across the world, continued to stay connected with us through providing mentoring, guidance and career opportunities to FIIB students. We intend to ramp up our engagement with them more and hope that 2020 brings many more avenues of mutually beneficial engagements. 

For our staff, our initiatives included remodelling of the workspaces to allow maximum creativity and collaboration and create a culture that supports excellence and promotes work-life balance through workshops, stress buster activities, and investing in the right training programs.

To every person who is a part of FIIB community, we achieved these milestones with you! Please know that as an institution we are invested in your success as much as you are.

As we enter a new year with hope and bigger goals to understand, act, and engage deeply with our communities, a heartfelt thank you for being a part of FIIB’s upwards and onwards journey. 

Warmest wishes for a wonderful 2020!