Different Aspects of Life

All children born have equal rights to live and dream. Some are fortunate enough to get everything they need in life and some are not so fortunate, and those are the ones who have to face the deficit of many normal things in life like education, love, a clean and healthy environment, etc. Today, FLP members from FIIB went to visit an NGO that works for education of slum children. The parents of these children can’t afford decent education and I am proud that I am one of the FLP members who got this opportunity to interact with them.

Centre For Social Security Action & Research (CSSAR) is the organization that educates slum children and is trying to bring new rays of hope in their life. CSSAR educates those slum children who go to nearby Government or Municipal schools. CSSAR provides coaching classes to slum children at minimal fees of Rs.30 per month from each child. Classes are conducted in Learning Centers inside the slums after school hour i.e. from 1pm to 7pm. Currently they are teaching 350 children in their 7 centers across Delhi, primarily in the Subhash Nagar & Janakpuri colonies of West Delhi. They run education programs like:-

a)     Remedial class for school going slum children (primary level).

b)     Remedial class for school going slum girl children (secondary level.

c)     Spoken English class for school going slum girl children (secondary level).

They are planning to launch some technical courses that will equip every individual post their secondary level education to find better jobs based on their interests. Their Student-Teacher ratio is limited to 15:1 which means one batch contains only 15 students who were taught and groomed for one hour at CSSAR by qualified teachers. CSSAR receives funding from three sources. They are:-

1)     Individual donors- They are the individuals who donate minimum amount of Rs.1200 to 1800 in a year.

2)     Give India- It is an organization that facilitates donation to CSSAR and other registered NGOs.

3)     Tech Mahindra Foundation- It is an organization that donates fixed amount to CSSAR on conditional basis.

At CSSAR one thing is amazing and that is difficult to find at other NGO’s and i.e. their attrition rate of staff and teachers as also the drop-out rates of children is very low. It shows that students and their parents believe that this organization is doing some good work. Teachers are paid decent salary along with certain perks like provident fund which is deducted from their monthly salary. CSSAR is contributing its bit in nurturing a child’s future and making India a better country. Are you with them??