Digital Marketing MDP by FIIB At PHD Chambers Of Commerce | 4th April 2014

On the 4th of April 2014 Prof Jones Mathew & I had organized an MDP in PHD Chamber for the SME sector. The MDP revolved around the theme of Digital Marketing – cutting edge strategies. The venue for MDP was Shriram Hall, PHD Chamber, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi.
Participants came from diverse backgrounds across multiple industries. There were representatives from a Law firm, a Marketing firm, a Nutrition firm, Real Estate firm, 3rd party inspection firm, metal recycling firm, Consumer durable firm, RO equipment firm & Media firm. Most of these organisations had an annual turnover of not more than 10 crores. Frankly the only organisations that I could recall from before were The Tribune (Print media based out of Chandigarh), Environics (a company that manufactures radiation control chips for consumer electronics), and LivePure (an RO water purifier company, which has Sachin Tendulkar as their brand ambassador).
One common thread across all these organisations was the keenness to adopt Digital Marketing as a platform to reach out more effectively to their prospective audience. All the participants had been requested to get their laptops & a data card for internet connectivity. This facilitated the training process.
The MDP began with a welcome address by Dr. Krishna, head of Training cell of PHD chamber. He exhorted all the participants to be as interactive as possible, and they were so. They were a lively bunch of Digital enthusiasts in the age group of 25 – 35, and they had plenty of queries and a huge willingness to learn.
The training began with an introduction to Digital marketing by Prof Jones Mathew. This got the participants warmed up to the idea of a hands-on workshop. He talked about the emergence of Social media networks as a huge platform in India not only for individual use but also for organizational purposes. This set the base for further discussions. From there on I took over as it was my domain expertise, and got the participants working on one of their Social media sites – their Twitter Handle. Those who didn’t have one, it was created for them on the spot. Those who had made suggested modifications to increase their online visibility. They were introduced to the concept of Hashtag marketing, developing Followers while also Following relevant Twitter Handles. This session was wrapped with a video on how Twitter was used by Parle Group to manage their inventory across thousands of store pan-India.
Post lunch Discussion shifted towards discussions on customer engagement & referral generation while leveraging upon the concept of Conversion Funnel. Then there were elaborate discussions on Website management, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Paid advertising, Utility of Blogs & Blog Management, and finally Social Media Analytics. Sample analytic output sheets were shown for a Twitter Handle & for a LinkedIn site. Discussions then revolved around the interpretation of the analytics sheet and how such information could be of utility in reaching out to existing & prospective customer.
The day finally came to an end around 4:30 pm with Prof Jones encapsulating the day – long session in the perspective of SME sector, since all the participants were from either a Small or a Medium enterprise. They were infact encouraged to get in touch with FIIB for any consultancy required in this field. The response was great from the participants’ side as well as from the organizers, and we wish to host more such corporate training sessions in the near future.