Education- a stepping stone

There are central and state policies,there are schools, teachers and welfare schemes,but even today, six decades post-Independence, meaningful education remains an elusive dream for several children in the country.

The level of education reflects the reality of a nation, India might have grown In  term of technology and science but if you see the roots ,they are still damaged. A plant becomes a tree only if it has strong roots, similarly education is the base for a country if that is not strengthened the conditions will remain as it is now. In the two major segments of social face i.e. education and median age in India, we have not performed up to the mark and have thus adversely affected the social performance.

Education is the tool which can inculcate moral and cultural values, it provides them with knowledge and informs about the rights and duties of a citizen towards the country, The increasing amount of violence and unrest shows where the country is heading too. Without knowledge no one can stand up for the violence as they don’t have anything to back it up. More than 50% of Indian children drop out of the schools at primary level, majority of the drop-outs coming from the population segment living below subsistence level. Hardly seven out of 100 youths in the age group of 17-23 years get an opportunity for higher education. Those potting for science are less than 20%, 7% go for engineering and technology while 3.3% are enrolled in Medical colleges, Number of students of basic science is decreasing and hence standard of research in the universities is on the wane.

80% of India belongs to youth and if they don’t get a right direction the conditions will never improve. Education is a means to secure employment hence there is need to encourage and expand avenues for vocational training. The gap between the rich and poor students are increasing day by day. Education in technical branches has become so costly that poor parents of most talented students cannot even think of getting their wards admitted into such institutions. We need a system of education that can provide equal opportunities to all rich and poor, education that can contribute towards development

Government of India needs to work upon their current education system and literate the masses for better development of the country.