WELCOME is one of those positive words which gives us a warm feeling. A feeling which is captivating. And, this is how we started our series of workshops in SANKALP, 2012 with our first workshop in SANKALP, Effective Presentations. This workshop was taken by Prof. Santosh Sood, Senior Professor, Fortune Institute Of International business.

The word WELCOME was one of the puzzles to be identified by the students  who were attending the workshop. There was two way communication during the session. Students were enthusiastic throughout.

The workshop started it with  The Reason Why We Need Effective Presentation. Prof. Santosh Sood said, “ Even at IIM- Ahmedabad, it is  being taught how important is the delivery of presentation”. The crux is that presentation matters a lot from the career point of view in  the corporate world. Giving an effective presentation  has become the necessity as you move up the corporate ladder. But again, there is no substitute for hard work.

He said, “Presentation = Work done + Delievered ”.  Even if you you put a huge amount of hard work and not able to present it, you are finished. If nobody sees your work, it has no value. He took examples from the current scenario of our country. He asked the students, “Who is a Politician? Baba Ramdev, Arvind Kejriwal or Mr. Manmohan Singh.” And everybody responded, “Arvind Kejriwal”. He explained the fact that, “ Since Manmohan Singh, does not speak in public so well, so he is not in tune with people and people like Kejriwal get hold of huge mass easily by empathizing them and presenting themselves to suit the needs of mass.”

The purpose of the  presentation is to make the audience think the way you want them to think. The audience should  Buy In the idea of the presenter. The presenter should be able to make an impact over the audience.

There are two aspects how the presentation should be :

Experiential Goals:   Experience  and content of the presentation, both are important. But, how did the audience feel about the presentation, matters the most. Active involvement is required by the audience so that audience remains in tune with what are you trying to deliver.

So, one must be able to engage the audience. To achieve this, two way interaction must be maintained and  a good eye contact is required. Secondly, the presenter must enlighten the audience with something new and  unique idea. For this, one must put new facts which help audience to create a new conclusion. It must be like ‘EUREKA’. An effective presentation has the ability to enamor. It contains empathy. The presenter feels and  presents the idea with which he can convince the target group. Like, Arvind Kejriwal says what people want. Structure your thought in a way that people feel aligned to it.

But yes, EFFORT is the key factor either  you engage , enlighten or enamor your audience. There is no substitute for effort given.

Functional goals : It is difficult to change people’s attitude because everyone has immense knowledge in today’s world. People change their attitude when they have something better than that. People come up their belief in their own idea and they generally do not want to listen. A presenter must be able to convince them so that  the audience assimilates the presenter’s thoughts into themselves. And they incorporate the idea of presenter into their own thinking pattern.

To fulfil functional goals one can follow OKYAAR. It stands for:

O-  Overview (Prepare the audience for what are you going to deliver  further)

K-  Key Building  Block ( Make precise, clear and bulleted points )

Y-  Yessing (Let the audience approve your point)

A-    Articulating (Express the points of your presentation well)

A-    Appreciation (The audience should understand the relevance and correctness of  your points)

 R- Recap (Conclude the main points of your presentation)

The listeners’ attention is foremost and the focus should be on how the audience starts thinking like presenters’ way.  At the end, Prof. Sood concluded with, “Due diligence is always required before you give your presentation. The presenter should always come with something new and unique. Due diligence is always required before you give your presentation. If you are an expert on something and you are presenting anything related to your expertise, you need to follow the rules of expertise. You should design your presentation according to the suitability of your audience. Because, ultimately you have to get Buy In from the people whom you present.”

It was a skill enhancing session.


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