Embracing the creative edge in teaching – Moving towards a more interactive learning environment

Good teachers are good learners too. And in the current environment of increased (online) distant learning, the proactive ones are constantly exploring new ideas and charting new actionable strategies to transform their teaching to more interactive formats to ensure continued and effective learning for their students. In this blog, we  share with you the methodologies and emerging online formats of learning that  faculty at FIIB are adopting to enhance the learning experience of their students.

Preparing young leaders for the New Normal Corporate World

Learning from home has not only meant that employability and placement training provided to MBA students also need to be conducted from home but that they also incorporate training students for an ‘online hiring’ process. Recruiters are now laying more emphasis on seeking talent who are adept in handling the virtual workspace and prepared to give their best while working from home,

Accordingly, Prof. Shuchi Dixit, who drives the placement readiness training at FIIB, had to rethink and devise a new strategy that ensured that both the students and the trainers interact in a fruitful manner and make most of the employability fest, SANKALP, in its online avatar. So the team adapted the regular process to provide students training in online selection methods like e-trays, online interviews, discussions through Zoom Break-out Rooms and so on. 

The training program was conducted entirely online, where industry experts interacted with students online, virtual aptitude preparation classes were conducted followed by online Domain and Personal Interviews for all the students. Dedicated faculty members and the supporting backend team worked continuously for 3 days to make the event successful. 

A new criterion of ‘virtual presence’ of the student was added to the list to help them overcome their hesitation of camera and not hide behind black screens. After all, credibility comes from being visible and not being anonymous.

Helping students cover “Home to Globe” journey

Despite the fact that everyone is facing geographical challenges, Dr. Sudhir Rana ensured that the students cover the ‘home to globe’ distance without missing out on their regular MBA schedule. Every year FIIB hosts an International Management Conference for budding research scholars, academicians, and industry practitioners. This year too Dr. Rana set an aim to conduct 6th IMC virtually and engaged students’ by providing them volunteering opportunities to help them understand how an international event can be hosted even sitting at home. They are all working actively, though remotely, on planning, scheduling, theme building, and promotion of the conference. 

Enabling students to organize and handle institutional events virtually

Prof. Prashant Verma, who is incharge of FIIB’s Management Conclave, MANTHAN, recognising the organization abilities of the senior students have entrusted them the responsibility to independently handle the virtual event together with a suitable team from the freshers groups. MANTHAN focuses on career track orientation for students and provides students opportunities to pick specific roles aligned to their chosen career tracks. The faculty plays only a support role, thereby providing the student organizing teams a sense of autonomy and ownership of the event. Prof. Verma is highly satisfied with student’s initiatives and efforts and the quality of work they are doing to organize the event.