Entrepreneurial Self Awareness Course – An Initiative by FIIB

Students often assume the relevance of entrepreneurship courses to their career prospects if they are not inclined to pursue new venture creation in the near future. The criticality of having an entrepreneurial mindset for growth and survival in today’s corporate sector is not understood by most students. This underlines the need for exposing students at an early stage in their education to their self-aware about their entrepreneurial intentions before teaching them to systematically validate a business idea, to perfection and take it to market.

However, most institutions of higher education have courses which directly target idea development, opportunity assessment, product development, value proposition and business plan preparation among other topics. There is a negligible effort towards making students self-aware about their own entrepreneurial traits, attitudes and beliefs and their impact on ideation.   

This underlines foundation course focusing on sync idea and the individual by recognising their entrepreneurial intentions (or lack of them), career aspirations and style preference while working in teams. These three elements of the student’s personality need to match with ideation to make them aware of synergy or dissonance.

To address this gap, FIIB introduced a foundation course on entrepreneurship from the academic year 2017-18. The main aim of the course “entrepreneurship boot camp” is to spread entrepreneurial self-awareness. It has delivered to all 180 students of 2017-19 and 2018-20 batch in a ten-hour module during the orientation program held in June.

The feedback received from the last two batches has been extremely encouraging, and students have been able to calibrate their aspirations, team style and intentions based on learnings from the course. And accordingly, work in the core course that follows and/or opt for an elective based on their interests.

A paper was presented by Dr. Deepak Pandit in the 20th Conference of Strategic Management Forum India on 25th Dec 2017 at IIM Trichy showcasing this foundation course as an innovation in pedagogy in the area of entrepreneurship education.