Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining, You Just Need To Take The Leap of Faith!

Currently the world is going through one of the worst phases in human history due the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses are challenged for survival and almost everyone is at their wit’s end to figure out how to sail through the current hardships. While different organizations and individuals are trying to figure out their own unique ways to keep their business steady and afloat, one thing which holds common ground across all of them is ‘taking the leap of faith’. 

Here in this article we share with you the outlook and approach of some of our Alumni who have articulated their basic belief of keeping the faith and that eventually good things will happen despite all the odds when you choose to proactively pursue them in your life. We hope that you will find the words of wisdom as shared by them motivating enough to cheer you up and get going to take your leap of faith. 

Jagadish Dora (2002-2004) https://www.linkedin.com/in/jagadish-dora-359ba99/, Digital Marketing Campaigns Manager – EY believes that while the businesses across the world are facing unprecedented and challenging times there is also a silver lining beyond the clouds. Now, when individuals are not being able to do anything in person, the digital world is booming like wild flowers! He finds himself doing more of everything that he has been doing in EY and expects to see several new projects coming his way. 

While the situation is extremely sensitive as he and his team mates are required to operate mostly in the virtual mode, coordination is often really tricky and new challenges keep cropping up everyday, he has guided his team to keep up the warmth, engagement, communication and trust within the team and with the clients. So, by keeping utmost faith in himself, his experience and his abilities he has kindled a ray of hope among his team members to carry on working without much murmur of complaints. He believes that, “this is actually the time when a manager coming from any field can showcase his / her finesse and resilience to stand taller than the tide.”

With Ranjeet Shankar (1996-1998) https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranjeetshankar/, CEO at Glamaxy Essentials Pvt. Ltd, we got a slightly different perspective of the situation. While Ranjeet does not have any doubts that this is an unusual and a very challenging phase for the entire human race, he also holds the opinion that ‘this is not the end of the world’. He believes that there will be better days and everything will definitely bounce back to normal. But at the same time, we must all understand that to come out of this we will have to be at our best and tougher than the situation to survive! 

He advises that we should use this time to upskill ourself on the technology front so that we can step ahead faster than those who will not. He believes that it will be a fight of both one’s grit and one’s wits and only the fittest will be able to survive and progress. 

In the end, we’d like to say that time has witnessed the darkest of days before the rays of sunshine emerge. We must all learn to have faith in ourselves and our abilities, hold on to our resilience a bit longer, and play along believing in and saying Hakuna Matata to ourselves from time to time!