Evolution in Supply Chain: A Recap of The 2019 OPEX Conclave

On Saturday August 10, some renowned names of Operation sector as speakers, aspiring students and FIIB faculty & staff gathered to attend the annual event of the Operations Club-Sigma aka Opex Conclave. This year’s theme, “NextGen Supply Chain”, drew speakers from the top companies who came to FIIB campus to discuss the latest happenings in the industry and make student’s aware of the recent advancements in supply chain landscape. 

Hosted by FIIB’s Operations Club-Sigma, the conference each year brings some of the frontiers of change in the SCM & Logistics industry to campus who gathered together to highlight the overriding need for company’s today to engage physical operations with disruptive technologies which could possibly impact the supply chain landscape and deliver sustainable commercial success.

The NextGen Hype: What it’s all about?

Supply chains are evolving into something new. The old days are gone when the supply chain only meant moving a product from one place to another. Today, a movement of product also need to be tracked. Consumers and retailers want delivery of goods and services as soon as possible in an efficient manner and it’s the main aim of next gen supply chains to provide both flexibility and efficiency in the supply chains.

An Array of Genius Minds

A total of five eminent personalities from the business fraternity shared their learnings and ideas at the event, including Mr. Shailendra Gupta, Director SCM & Procurement at JLL; Mr. Amit Pandey, Chief Operating Officer of Exicom Tele-Systems; Mr. Punnet Gupta, Head Distribution – Sales Building Technologies of Bosch limited; Mr. Havish Madhvapaty, Founder Havish M Consulting; and Ms. Anamika Jain, Operations Head – AAJ Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. The conclave resulted in the exchange of some interesting ideas on achieving innovative solutions for ensuring sustainable organizational success. 

Key highlights of the conclave:

As conveyed by a student of second year, these are the main aspects NextGen supply chain is attempting to create in the nearby future:

  1. Innovation in Digital world have more impact on Supply Chains as the companies believe that the digital supply chain will become more dominant model in the coming years.
  2. Supply Chain changes will be disruptive as the supply chains have the potential to disrupt the status and to create the long lasting competitive advantage. Some of the Competitive Advantage are: Robotics and Automation, Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Vehicles and Drones.
  3. The cloud computing and storage has the highest adoption rate. Organizations should keep an eye on the adoption rates and emerging trends.
  4. Supply Chain Operations are still investing heavily in Innovation. The sector is growing rapidly being digitized and the currency of NextGen Supply Chains are Information and Insights. Each of them has a noticeable presence and are an integral part of supply chain. 

Professor Prashant Verma, Professor Sharad Chaturvedi and Professor Puneet gupta were instrumental in making the conference a success. The Opex conclave team and volunteers worked tirelessly to put together the learnings of this academic event that resulted in a flurry of appreciation notes from speakers/ attendees post the conference:

Thank you Fortune Institute of International Business for giving an opportunity to speak at #OPEX2019. Hoping to visit the campus soon!” – Amit Pandey, Speaker at Opex Conclave

It was an amazing experience to attend my first academic event at FIIB: excellent speakers, insightful learnings, engaging environment, and some unforgettable conversations.”  – Libi Manuel, Student at FIIB

Note: The key highlights are submitted by Anivesha Rai, a Second-year student at FIIB, as per the lessons she learned after listening to all speakers during the conclave.