Experience at “The Walk for Life”

We got an excellent opportunity to be a part of great initiative “Walk For Life” taken by “icansupport” organization for the support of cancer patients on 5th February, 2017. The path to be covered was from India Gate to India Gate making a “+” sign.

The walk was scheduled to start at 9 am and me along with my other friend at the prior location by 6 am .we were assigned work of registration and distribution of registration kit to the participants.We also got the t-shirt with “volunteer” printed on it.

The participants came in two categories one came as individual and other in a group. The group were from various educational institutes like DPS, Shiv Nadar School, British School, etc and also organization like KPMG. The chief guest for the event was Manisha Koirala as an inspiration for the cancer patients as she herself has gone through that stage in her life. All the cancer patients along with their families were seated in a special location “Survival Lounge”. The registration of the participants started around 7: 30 am. It was very interesting to see that people were not only on their foot but also gave their support for the cancer initiative by coming on skate boards, cycles and bands. In addition, the most famous “Harley Davidson” Bikers also came for this cause.







It was very heart-filling to see many benevolent citizens coming together to support the initiative. We could boost the confidence of the cancer patients to kick back their past life and turn to new leaf. Our happiness found no limits to see a contentment in the faces of the patients when they realized that many participants took the responsibility to promote awareness on cancer and empower them to live a normal life like the former group. The walk was taken to a large scale which saw media coverage. We also formed groups and walked with the other participants after we were relieved from our duties. This walk also helped to create a conscious amongst the participants to have fit life so as to reduce the possibilities of cancer.

We look forward to attend more events and be a part of another productive marathon so as to promote a different cause.

– Disha Phutela (Class of 2018)