Experience begets excellence

Good opportunities often lead to great achievements. I’d like to thank FIIB for giving me an opportunity to present myself and hone my skills as the Emcee at the Marketing Conclave 2016. This conclave not only served as a chance to enhance my knowledge but also sprout as a host to various activities throughout the conclave.


It definitely gave a boost to my learning process and I find myself a step ahead in the building of my professional profile. FIIB intends to fully achieve its motto of holistic development of each management student profoundly, and I stand as an assurance to that. The honor that this conclave has given me to interact with experts from the industry is an added bonus to the networking opportunities it has to provide to all of us.

The panel discussed the evolution- how the digital age started, the current trends in the market, challenges of the digital age, and what are the promising changes that we can look forward to. The distinguished speakers highlighted on the various aspects and methods of digital branding, digital marketing and social marketing which led to my developing interest in Marketing as well as being inquisitive about how it can help in various business aspects. I learned why marketing is so important for any business firm.

I also learnt that to be successful an entrepreneurial venture needs impeccable marketing for the successful establishment in the competitive market scenario. This conclave has taught me way more than just providing an opportunity to showcase my skills on stage. It was definitely a platform to perform and learn. I’d like to conclude by saying that this conclave had a lot for each one of us to learn from each other i.e., students, faculty and the invited dignitaries. I hope the institute continues to advance the cause of management development by regularly holding such conclaves and conferences.