Expert’s Guide- Improve Your English Language Skills And Climb on the Ladder of Success

English is a language that is often mistaken with status and intellect; wherever you go for an interview, fluency in english is a must. It is not even wrong in saying that English is a verbal mercedes that everyone must have on their tongue if dreaming of a successful career ahead. English is one of the languages that is easily accepted in social, cultural, and business settings. In India also people likes to communicate in english when it comes to professional sector, which itself shows its added edge in career success.

Whether you’re representing your group in class presentations or, sitting in an interview round, good command over English language will surely help you to stay in the limelight. After all, good communication skills are an asset that will uplift you in every walk of life. There are many students who, unfortunately, miss out on great opportunities because they’re lacking in good communication skills. To make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities at FIIB, we’ve picked up five domains that will help you improve your language skills constructively.

How to improve your vocabulary?

Where personality and confidence are considered as major aspects of professional individuality, delivering your message with the right set of words also impacts your networking skills and lay an effective impression on people. A good sense of vocabulary always helps you to write, speak, and communicate better in every sphere. It is crucial for you as an MBA student to learn the art of using right words at the right time. To indulge the practice of good vocabulary and enable your mind to choose the right words with greater precision, you must inherit these simple habits.

How to improve your Grammar?

As everything has roots, English has its root as grammar. And, using wrong grammar while speaking can lower your confidence in front of people. Whether you’re delivering a speech or, talking casually with your mates, the way you structure your sentences matters a lot. But, it is quite hard to learn all the tricks at night and pass on great sentences in the morning. So, how you can maintain a routine to improve your grammar usage? Check out these simple hacks!

How to improve your Spoken English?

Even if you’re very proficient with the language and its grammar rules, the tone you use to speak English set an impression on others. That’s why it is important to have confidence and right verbal skill set while communicating with others. Speaking without hesitation is as important as using the right set of words. Be it a conference, class project or, interview, communication skills are one of the major prerequisites to any kind of professional role you wish to pursue. If you always prefer to sit quietly in a group as you are afraid of doing the talking part, then here are a few tips to polish your spoken english.

How to improve your Language Usage?

It is good if you can speak fluently and construct sentences that are grammatically correct. But, it is even great if you understand the proper usage of words in a sentence. Where we spend our time focusing on fluency and confidence, choosing the right words as per the event is what we overlook, and regret later. As, every event requires different tone of speaking, the same also required correct word selection. Usage is mostly about individual words, and phrases, which you as an MBA student should seek timely.

How to improve your Reading?

Being one of the most conventional ways of improving English, Reading can be practiced easily on a daily basis. Reading is considered as a universal way to improve all other dimensions of English language like grammar, vocabulary, and language usage. Regular reading habits will strengthen your word power, improve your grammar, and help you to compare and differentiate between good and bad writing. Below are some tips to develop a reading habit for good.  

We genuinely hope these five pointers will help you to improve your English language skills. Please tell us in comments if we missed something!

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