Are extra curricular activities really extra?

You might have shied away from those group activities or games’ period during school days and rather wanted to flip pages of an important book in the school library, if only this strategy could help any longer with your management education. These days a Business or Management School’s admission team is in fact looking for candidate who are passionate and driven by some pursuit which keeps them at their toes for strive for success and excellence.

Involvement in some extra-curricular activities may not be the absolute criteria for admission to a B-school however, it definitely adds value to your profile. As participating in sports or cultural activities or pursuing a hobby brings out the active and creative sides of an individual’s personality. For example coordinating an event during college’s cultural fest could be an enriching experience to learn the art of teamwork, persuading different parties, bringing people together and keeping them inspired to work towards a common goal.

“Anticipation is powerful force” people who love to plan travel, events, and programs are often good office work management too. A hobby may not be particularly helpful in improving someone’s chances employability and placement, however gaining such experience reflect in better presentation and confidence during a personal interview and group discussion rounds where the candidate can talk about all the learning he/she gathered during such interventions and participation.

Various B-schools have their student clubs and committees that run multiple interesting programs where students can learn the skill of management amidst fun and enthusiasm. FIIB too runs various Student Clubs and Committees from an HR club, Marketing club, Dramatics club to a sports committee. The entire year, FIIB runs various conclaves, conferences, seminars and festivals to give a tangible platform to its students to learn the skill of management outside the classroom too. Participating in the events of these students run clubs boost the confidence of students over two years and helps them build solid industry connections too.