Facebook; this word is not just merely a word in today’s day and age. It has become a phenomena. It is something that each individual specially the youngsters are acquainted with, and if someone is not aware of it then he or she is definitely not considered to be a part of your gang. It is basically a social networking site which helps you in getting connected with people you know and even with people you don’t know.

It is of great help as it provides a whole lot of gossip of what is happening in your friends and enemies lives, it reminds you of a “friend’s” birthday even if you have never met that person ever in your life, it helps you in posting pictures of what you had for dinner last night. Hence, it is of great help in promoting your existence, to have a sneak-peak of what is happening in others life, and a lucrative medium to waste your not so precious time.

Having said that, we all are addicted to Facebook. In fact that’s the first thing we do whenever we are in front of a laptop having an internet connection. It’s a sorry situation to be in, but still we are afflicted by it, even knowing the pros and cons of this site. But life is all about being optimistic; so let’s hope that one day will come when we will be cured from this disease called FACEBOOK.