Faculty Focus

Dr. Nimit Gupta

A valuable faculty member and a valuable contributor to the field of management studies our Faculty Dr. Nimit Gupta, Associate professor and area chair marketing, is inducted as a member of Honorary Advisory committee for an International Conference on  Development of Economies through Innovation & Sustainable Growth: Vision 2020 October 1516, 2016, organized by Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi (Under Ministry of Tourism, Government of India) in collaboration with International Association of Research & Development Organization.

The Primary agenda of the conference is to identify the relation and the strength of relation among the various aspects concerning the growth and the sustainability of economies. As there is a strong paradox between economic growth and sustainability. Sustainable development aims at balancing the current needs and the needs of the future generations. From climatic changes, to resource depletion, all these are hampering the ecosystem, hence nations, companies and individuals are now recognizing the urgency of adopting sustainability as a crucial approach of development and growth. The real food for thought here is whether economic development and sustainability can coexist or are mutually exclusive.

We eagerly look forward to learn from his experience of participating in the conference.

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