Fending The Usual, Letting In The Unique!

Falling into the pattern decided by a crowd is the easiest way out in this world, but breaking away from the crowd and walking your own path brings in challenges and thrill. That thrill fuels one in walking ahead and securing an identity of own!

On asking how his journey was in FIIB, he said…

“It was definitely a learning experience and some of the lessons that I learnt have been very valuable for the rest of my life. I learnt how to tackle challenging situations better along with professional issues with utmost confidence and composure. My professors were always there for me and the entire FIIB journey was like a crash course on what is going to take place in the future

Vinayak always wanted to make the most of his ideas and thus decided to choose a career path that did not come with any specific rules and regulations. He went down the road that demanded more creativity and impressive ideas to reach the desired point. 

“I always wanted to be in the marketing field as this domain both demands and welcomes creative ideas to connect with people. It gives you plenty of room to brainstorm and nothing comes predetermined hence being and staying unique is the best part of it. With the other domains one is compelled to follow a set of rules and I wanted otherwise in my career.”

Today when he looks  back and sees that he has come a long way, he has some ideas and lessons to pass on to the students so that they can deal with the demanding market better. 

“It is most important for anyone to be open to change. Right now the world is changing at a very rapid pace. The capability to stay open and evolve along with the work environment is crucial. Also, whatever skills requirements are there before us will change even before someone can master them – time is passing that fast. One has to be alert and must keep up with the new courses that are coming up every now and then.”  

This was Vinayak Pant for you who simplified his career journey by sticking to what he always wanted and is evolving with each passing day and how!

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