FIIB Debate: Is it Acceptable that Sharaprova doesn’t know Tendulkar?

Fans of Sachin became infuriated, print and visual media made the incident breaking news, trends like #mariavssachin went viral on social media for days- when Tennis Superstar Maria Sharaprova remarked that she had no clue who Sachin Tendulkar was! Whether not knowing Tendulkar was acceptable or not, became a matter of debate and discussions that followed. And hence, the recent In-house debate at FIIB explored the topic “Is it acceptable that Maria Sharaprova doesn’t know Sachin?” Select views of a few participants are enlisted below-

Pointing towards the wrath shown by the fans of Sachin on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Manish Saraswat, a second year student said, “Indians are too emotional! They are simply overreacting; I personally feel that there is nothing to make an issue out of Maria Sharaprova’s take on Sachin Tendulkar. Even if she is unaware of the living legend, then there is nothing to get disappointed about. We should think with a more rational approach than reacting so emotionally. There are hardly 15-20 countries where people take interest in cricket as sports. Popularity of a sportsperson can only be expected worldwide if the sport he indulges in is played at a global level, like soccer. If Sachin would have been a good soccer player, then his acceptance would have been wider than what he has now.”

“It’s not a big deal if Maria doesn’t know who Sachin is!”  says Anuja Bedi, who works at FIIB, ”It would have been a shame only if she didn’t know about her own game players.”

On the other hand, participants like Anuradha Apan had a different opinion. Anuradha, a second year student, voiced her viewpoint as, “I feel that if a sports person like Maria Sharapova decides to belittle Sachin Tendulkar’s performance by claiming that she doesn’t know him; it shows her immaturity. If she has no knowledge about him it shows her lack of awareness. Further, this doesn’t become news of national importance as master blaster Tendulkar doesn’t need an affirmation from anybody to prove his achievements.”

Abhay Yadav, a 1st year student was of similar opinion as that of Anuradha, “As a popular sports person, Maria Sharaprova should be aware about her contemporary and outstanding sportsmen like Sachin Tendulkar. He is a great player and is known all over the world for his records. Just like the fact that Maria is a well-known person in Tennis, and we all know about her; it is naturally expected that she should have been aware about Tendulkar too.”

Social media has been bombarded with several memes, doctored pictures and comments from the infuriated fans of the little master, also known as the “God of Cricket.” Is this reaction a clear example of oversensitivity by his followers or a justified outcome for Maria Sharaprova’s ignorance- will probably remain a matter of debate!