FIIB Debate: Is Modi’s focus on India’s neighbors, while ignoring the West a progressive step?

Modi’s return from his two days Nepal visit with an agenda to reset Indo- Nepal relations was received with mixed reactions. The trip came soon after Bhutan and Modi left many columnists wondering if his focus is just neighboring countries? Many discussions were held all over newspapers, blogs, social media to understand Modi’s plan of action.

FIIB-ians also involved themselves in a debate which focused on ‘theme’

While disagreeing, Prof Abhijit Roy said, it is too early to comment to this conclusion and that one cannot neglect the West at the cost of good relations with neighbors. According to him, there are many issues which we need to discuss in this context including the fact that Nepal shares its border with China, and the interest of China in Nepal. Further, it is easy to cross over from Nepal into India – so the entry of militants is also possible. He expressed his surprise on how India ignores immigrants from Nepal, but treats illegal immigration from Bangladesh quite severely.

Ms Anuja Bedi from Admissions Departmnet and Akanksha Bhatnagar, a 2ndyear student also showed disagreement to statement. According to Ms. Anuja “Our neighbors are more or less sailing in the same boat with us. We have to improve our economic scenario in order to decrease unemployment and increase income. To find new markets for our produce, we should look out more rather than just nearby.” Akanksha agreed by saying that “I think he’s focusing on everything which is important i.e. he is focusing on the west and the neighbors both. So it is wrong when we say that he is focusing on the neighbors only.”

 On the other hand, showing interest in strengthening the relationships with neighbors and agreeing to this statement, Ms. Neeru from CMC said, “visit to neighboring countries by Modi is a prelude that brings into our notice, that how we were least bothered in past, certainly in strengthening our relationship with our neighbors. West is powerful but we can’t deny the fact that it is becoming stronger because of the market and consumer from east for its product and services. To keep at par with west, Modi government needs to ensure that over east it has well influenced other countries. Hence this move will go in favor of the ruling government.”

 With country going NaMo-NaMo, we can just hope that in Modi’s Government, India will come up from its current state, as this time Country voted for CHANGE!!