FIIB finds solution to “Branding Challenges”

FIIB finds solution to “Branding Challenges”

“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”
– Zig Ziglar
The route map to the exciting exploration into the fascinating world of Marketing starts here at FIIB.
Branding was first used to differentiate one person’s cattle from another’s by means of a distinctive symbol burned into the animal’s skin with a hot iron stamp. It was subsequently used in business, marketing and advertising. Branding is a great way to build an important company asset; a good reputation. But what happens when a brand success ends up becoming a double-edged sword?
There are plenty of branding strategies that have backfired, and those that have been overwhelmingly successful. Those in the successful category include KFC in 2006. Those not so successful, and some that were forced to retract, include Tropicana and Gap.
Branding has to tackle significant challenges, such as brand genericide, pressure from generic products, waning customer loyalty, eroding brand equity, branding myopia etc. This is a signal to a large number of companies, as well as to budding entrepreneurs and marketers at FIIB, to do a lot more than they are doing and invest more in dealing with these challenges.
FIIB (Fortune Institute of International Business) (fiib.edu.in), a premier business management institution based in New Delhi, aims to be a global center of excellence in management education. With its focus on sustainable business education for every generation, FIIB is especially committed to the cause of supporting and nurturing young leaders and entrepreneurs of India. FIIB’s efforts have been appreciated by all stakeholders, and this has helped position the Institute to be consistently in the top 50 B-schools of India (Business India, The Week, Competition Success Review rankings of 2012).

FIIB strongly believes that Marketing is a very important aspect of business, since it contributes greatly to the success of the organization. Strategically, the business must be centered on the customers more than the products (and being able to brand the products effectively, to place them in the customer’s mind).
Branding not only makes your business more appealing in comparison to your competitors, but it will also convince consumers that in a sea of prospects, your business is the only one capable of satisfying their needs. In line with this objective, FIIB’s curriculum has a variety of innovative courses, focusing on out of the box branding and marketing strategies.
But there is a lot to be learned from these branding challenges – sometimes, a subtle, small change can make a huge difference – and at other times, a complete overhaul can enable a fresh start for many companies. In line with this, Bazaar, the marketing club at FIIB is holding hold its Annual Marketing Conclave, Biz-Bazaar’13. The conclave will bring together experts in the domain of Marketing, stalwarts who have achieved great feats and are responsible for some of the most successful strategizing in the corporate world, to share their experiences through panel discussions on the theme, “Branding: The Challenges Within”.
The session would have discussion on terms like “Brand Genericide”, “Branding Myopia,” “Brand Association”, “Brand Loyalty”, “Brand Equity” etc. and would look for possible strategies to face such challenges.
Further, to nurture the students to be industry ready, Bazaar Club brings a contest worthy of the best, where the participants who are akin to modern day gladiators, will test their skills in the arena of business, including brain teasers, questions, discussions, problems and more with our flagship event, Moment of Truth, (eliminations on 23rd February 2013). With entries from top colleges of India like IITs, MDI, FMS, IIFT and many more, Moment of Truth brings the best B-school students together in the ultimate contest of intellectual supremacy. The grand finale will be the show stopper of our Marketing Conclave – Biz Bazaar-The World is a Market.
Biz Bazaar 2013 (www.fiib.edu.in/marketing-conclave) is scheduled for the 30th of March, 2013. The event promises to provide an interactive platform to develop, share and disseminate the latest developments in the world of marketing. At FIIB, we support students who are interested in pursuing careers in this area, and wish them to sail through the challenges of Branding!!!