FIIB gave me the courage

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed!
Joining FIIB two years ago was an inevitable decision for me since I was looking for an environment where I could learn and apply the latest and the most relevant managing skills, which are required in today’s time. Having lost my father early on, I found life to never really be smooth for me. The loss at an early age, made me realize what it takes to stand tall and manage things at both ends. It was really difficult on my part to balance both studies and the family business that my father left us with! But somehow, I had to take charge and do what was right for all of us!

The two years MBA program offered by FIIB seemed to have more than what I thought I’ll find. The technical sessions, soft skills training & opportunities that I found here were unmatched. Secondly, I was more than eager to connect with the incredible brand value that FIIB offers in the field of Management in India. Its Industry network and the unique curriculum was what made me apply and join FIIB at the outset. Today I can proudly announce that these two years in this Institute were the best time investments I could have made in my life. Since I come from a commerce background, I had a partial knowledge of marketing and finance; but it was at FIIB, that I had the opportunity to go deeper into these segments, go through case studies and learn practical lessons about how these concepts could be used in our real lives. The Faculty at the Institute prompted my mind to think differently, which I think has made me arrive at developing good strategic solutions many times.

I have remained an avid cricket fan and also a cricket player. After participating, winning and losing hundreds of cricket matches in my life, I have understood that if you do not play, you do not have a chance to win. The learnings I gathered inside and outside the FIIB classrooms have further strengthened this belief and have also leveraged my confidence and skills a multiple of times. These learnings were very helpful in my recruitment journey. The last one month has been a mix of preparation, practice, mock interviews and correcting myself under the able guidance of the Corporate Relations Center (CRC) of FIIB.

Getting successfully placed has become trickier and more complex; but not with the right kind of attitude and guidance. I believe that to land a good job, one has to promote himself as a brand and look at the tiniest details which may help or falter the interview process. My Corporate internship project with ITC was like an eye opener, where I could learn and imbibe a lot of on-field skill sets. Furthermore, witnessing success stories of big companies within the campus, seminars and conferences where lectures from the speakers from industries and institutes of well repute were like the icing on the cake. The values of leadership, teamwork, ethics, communication and consistency are a few of the great things I am taking from FIIB and will apply them throughout my life.