FIIB prepared me for my Dream Company!! CRISIL

It was a cold Tuesday evening, when I was returning from college, my phone rang and it was from FIIB Corporate Relations Cell (CRC) which is primarily responsible for our placements. They called to congratulate and inform me that I was placed in CRISIL. CRISIL is a global analytical company, but more importantly which is actually my DREAM Company!!!
“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown
With this thought, to pursue my dream and to give my career a kickstart, I joined FIIB with the belief that it would sharpen my raw skills of finance. Life at FIIB has been a roller coaster. Experiences here helped me become a better and a stronger person. The two year program at FIIB not only teaches you the essential hard skills, but also a lot of soft skills that helps you in handling various situations. For example, I had always heard of the term “Leadership” but never experienced it. In the first year when I was elected as the Co-Head of Marketing Club, I was elated. In the year that followed, the roles and responsibility of the same facilitated the formation of a leader in me. This skill was further furnished when I became part of the FIIB Leadership Program where we were taught life skills such as team work, moral behaviour etc.
All these trainings became more rigorous from October when the placement season at FIIB officially took off! I gave my first attempt at Capital IQ, which unfortunately I couldn’t crack. I cannot dismiss the fact that I was disappointed but whatever happens, happens for good. With that in mind, I kept the first failed attempt behind me and prepared myself for CRISIL. The guest lectures at FIIB- from the role of social media to the role and value of your own intrinsic value, mock interviews and many other training sessions helped me to sail through the 40 minutes interview I had at CRISIL..
I consider myself to be very lucky to be placed in my dream company. I think all of us should make a list of our dream companies. In the long run, it really works. We also need to be focussed of what we want and have a refined vision. We also need to do our own research and never ever lose hope, as time passes, the rejections mount up and it’s easy to become disheartened. However, this is the time when one needs to put in more hard work than ever. One of the main attributes of a successful job seeker is persistence.
I have been able to learn and absorb all these things only because of FIIB. I joined FIIB as a simple graduate, and I shall leave FIIB as a better individual. My heartiest gratitude towards all the faculty and staff at FIIB and I feel blessed to be a part of FIIB.