FIIB Rides The Winds of Change — Converting Internships Into Full Time Jobs

A changing corporate world, a changing economic scenario, where Indian consumers are shifting towards a spending economy to saving economy, As a Business school with a promise to challenging the students to achieve their potential, is FIIB keeping up with the pace of ever altering Business world?

Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director and member of the Corporate Internship Program Committee, FIIB says yes, explaining how the learning at FIIB is  “Contemporary and Market Driven.” FIIB has always emphasized on its ground breaking experiential learning opportunities that sets its students apart. Through this 3 month internship, students get a taste of solving relevant business problems firsthand.

Doesn’t every student who pursues management, take up internships, then what makes the Corporate Internship Program(CIP)  at FIIB different? Are the students able to correlate classroom concepts with complexities of corporate cubicles? By the end of the internship, did the student evolve into a manager? To answer these questions, the CIP committee at FIIB was formed. With changing times, it becomes increasingly essential that every experience the student has should directly coincide with the career path he/she wants to explore. This year, the CIP committee evaluated the effectiveness of the program and revamped some aspects of it.


From CIP to PPO:

Business organizations are looking for pragmatic managers, game changers, and out of box thinkers. Internships help the organizations test the hard and soft skills of a student to see if they’re a right fit to the organization. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for students to earn that pre-placement offer by displaying their grit and business acumen. To prepare the students on what is expected from them at internships, and how can they strategically play their strengths to make the most of their internships, FIIB conducted a 3 day SANKALP (an acronym for Skills and Knowledge Align to Lead and Perform) training workshops during which all the queries regarding their internship were solved.


Faculty Mentors:

Every student was assigned to a Faculty mentor who guides them through the internship. The mentor has regular interactions with their mentees to check progress, suggest improvements, and help them overcome any setbacks. During their internship, the faculty also visits them twice in the organization to help them walk through the corporate journey without difficulties.


Corporate Mentors:

Strong partnerships with corporate is one among the many advantages FIIB is proud of. “We wrote to our corporate partners that When the students step out to work, each of them should be assigned to a corporate mentor who will be their go-to-person if they’re facing difficulties. Our students are sauve and are polished to grasp the real world challenges. They are problem solvers and hands on managers. We believe that they’ll add value to the organization and in turn learn from them Therefore we asked their corporate mentors to ensure the student understands his/her profile and does their work efficiently so that when they come back to campus, they have a whole new perception of  corporate issues”, says Ms.Radhika Shrivastava.


Outcome orientation:

CIP is about learning through action. Students who are selected for different roles work with the organization learning their responsibilities, and how to handle multiple business scenarios. After the successful completion of the internship, students need to submit a report on their finding and learnings. When the learning is outcome oriented, why shouldn’t the report be? So, instead of mentioning reviews of literature and presenting research work, the report is a summary of quantitative aspects such as the responsibilities they’ve handled, the challenges they’ve faced, and the solutions they’ve implemented. This way, the focus stays on application of concepts, not just learning them.


CIP 2018 at a glimpse:

Close to 70 companies like ITC, IDBI Federal, Pepsico, Amul, Hindustan times, Reliance jio, DishTV , Shopclues, and OYO rooms selected students for different roles ranging from Business development, HR management, account management, and operations.

Some of the interesting  projects the students are working currently on are:

  • Strategies For Evangelizing The Customers Of ICICI Securities Of Mutual Fund Scheme
  • A Comparative Study Of Recruitment Channels For MATRIX Cellular Services.
  • A Study Of Warehouse Management With Special Focus On Warehouse Relocation Process At Genex Logistics  

These recent changes in the program reinstates the flexible and active learning opportunities at FIIB. “It’s necessary to adapt, or when needed, maybe subtly shift our focus. The question is not merely how and what experiences they are exposed to, but how effectively they can shape up the student’s career”, says Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB when asked about the recent tweaks in the program. Well, with an institute keenly toiling to be the launch pad, the future of these students is bound to be catapulted for success. What are your thoughts?