FIIB Tours China

In order to help its students gain maximum exposure of the global scenario, FIIB arranges annual study abroad tours for its students to various countries. In the past FIIB has arranged successful trips to Finland, Slovenia…. This year FIIB organised a trip to China where the students gained an exposure into the impact of business environment on business. The students visited the Yakult factory and Shanghai Agricultural Development Zone where they observed the processes and learnt from the innovation in technology applied in the industry. Apart from the industry visits, students also scaled the Great Wall of China and visited the Forbidden City in Beijing. The week-long tour was spread across Shanghai and Beijing where students were given ample time to explore China’s rich culture and innovative technologies. The tour syllabus to China was designed to engage the students in an opportunity to understand the challenges and opportunities of the global environment and to witness the economy of China. The Study Tour helped the students to reassess their short term academic goals as well. As a result of the insightful trip, the students were able to connect to their academic discipline on a global scale, and became more active and aware participants at the global community.