FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program

Student Exchange Program at FIIB is popularly known as FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program; an exchange of ideas and culture via education and learning between the students of Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi and Sam Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas (USA). The Program provides FIIB-ians and their counterparts the opportunities to interact and learn about each other’s study, work and country culture. Every year FIIB undertakes Annual Student Exchange Program and Joint Sessions with Walton College of Business (USA) and University of Tampere (Finland) to help students explore, connect and build bonds globally leading to enhanced exposure and insights for the participants.

In May 2015, FIIB hosted a group of college students from Sam Walton College of Business for the Acculturation Program. During the Program the PGDM grads of the school attended sessions on International Management and Indian Economy. They also undertook team projects to explore several aspects of the Indian markets and consumer base.

The Student Exchange Program included:

  • Academic Sessions by Faculty from FIIB and Walton College
  • Student Brainstorming and Presentations
  • Management Games and Team Competitions
  • Sight Seeing and Celebrations

Like every year, this year also the 3-day program had a remarkable beginning. Initiating the Program with Welcome Evening at FIIB Campus courtyard, the meeting/session moved ahead with a delightful cultural display by FIIB-ians

showcasing some scenes of the Epic – Ramayana that stressed on honoring commitment, sacrifice and obedience in Indian families.  Students from Sam Walton College rocked the stage with some brilliant performances like, B-boying dance, group and solo performances. The students surprised the FIIB audience by singing a very famous Indian song “Kolaveri Di”, and earned huge applause.

Day 2 of Acculturation Program  followed with Case Challenge Competition that provided students with opportunities to put their mind faculties in best use and present their analysis, interpretations and solutions to the Judging Panel. The panel included Faculty and experts from FIIB and Sam Walton who apart from the judging the group presentations, gave the participating teams guidance and inputs on the case solved. Brainstorming the Harley Davidson case gave a strong ground to the students to develop understanding and team bonding across cultures. The winning team after rigorous judgement and presentation rounds was rewarded handsomely for the effort put.

The 3rd Day of the Program witnessed a day full of eagerness and dynamism where the teams had to run for the Amazing Race Competition to compete with one-another, and bag delightful rewards, certifications and exciting winning tags. Teams had tremendous learning opportunities during this activity, from making decisions under pressure to planning strategies over breaks with the teammates.

FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program Advantages –

  • Global learning and knowledge of different cultural and community perspectives
  • Exposure to multi-faceted approaches to learning
  • Analytic and problem solving skill building
  • Self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Challenges to explore out of the comfort zone
  • Scope to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions to attain fresh goals
  • Opportunities to develop awareness of group dynamics
  • An edge over other students in terms of hiring by prospective employers (who look favorably upon such inter-cultural learning experiences)
 Case Challenge Competition – Day 2

Amazing Race Competition - Day 3