Fitness Is The Best Shield For All Diseases. Know How!

The world leaders are determined to do ‘whatever it takes’ to combat CoronaVirus, and they hopefully will. But at times small and simple steps towards a healthy living actually help us in making a big difference in our lives as well as in the lives of others. Having good health and immunity as a shield in the midst of any biological challenges is a blessing indeed. Let us see what Mr.Suresh Srinivasan, National Manager – Digital Consulting Services, KPMG India has to share with all of us about his health and fitness mantra….

Suresh, please tell us about your passion and journey for fitness as a marathon runner. 

“Well, you see anybody can develop any type of passion, depending on an individual’s interest. In today’s environment our productivity, self confidence, outlook towards life, how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us by and large comes to a point on how much we are taking care of ourselves. We must always elevate our physical, mental and spiritual fitness. The way we function and approach life during unfavorable and challenging times becomes better if we are fit and well balanced.

It is an open fact that everyone wants to be fit in today’s world. Fitness is both a necessity and trendy these days and hope that it will remain the same forever. You need to take care of yourself first before extending your helping hand to someone else. A healthy state will help you to effectively balance your priorities as well as other activities. In the current world, individuals are running several things in their lives. Be it personal commitments, official work, interpersonal responsibilities, meeting educational priorities and what not? All of these will promise a favourable outcome if one’s health is in good condition.”

Who or what motivated you to embrace fitness?

“My father instilled the passion in me to stay fit. He believed that if one’s health is fit and fine then everything else will follow. This is an advice of a lifetime. The more I devoted my time to exercise, the more I witnessed that I am falling sick comparatively less. Fevers and headaches became a thing of the past. I’m happier and healthier and have huge tanks of energy and stamina. Plus, I’m in an elevated mindspace now.” 

How do you keep yourself committed to stay fit?

“One does not become fit overnight. It requires patience and consistency to ‘become fit’ as fitness is a journey. One needs to start slow. People ask themselves how to be a 5K runner (a runner of long-distance road running competition over a distance of five kilometres) from being a couch potato. Well, Rome was not built in a day and similarly this journey of positive transformation will take time, dedication,patience and self belief. 

I’m a passionate marathon runner. It is all about covering 26 miles (42 kilometers) while remaining injury free throughout the run. But, it is not necessary for everyone to run a marathon in order to embrace fitness. One can take care of the self with proper exercise in order to release happy chemicals in the body. If one is happy then s/he will be able to spread happiness like confetti all around to his/her near and dear ones. 

Our family, our friends and colleagues will get the best from us if we are stress free and fitness makes our state of mind healthy and happy! So ensure that all your body parts and organs are getting adequate amounts of oxygen, this way one’s entire system will stay fit.”

How careful do we need to be with our eating habits in the journey of becoming fit?

“Very careful! Exercise alone cannot help one to become healthy. Clean consumption habits are a must for an individual to tag the self as fit. Focusing on healthy eating will ensure that one’s Body Mass Index is getting maintained as per the age, gender and lifestyle.

If one is regularly drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and eating junk and hitting the gym as well, then frankly it is a waste of time. Always remember that ‘Exercise is the King and Nutrition is the Queen’. When one will blend them together s/he will get the best for the self. In fact, one will unlock the doors of the kingdom of health and happiness!

At times in the midst of heavy pressure, be it in the form of exams or corporate work, students and employees might think that exercising is a waste of time. But it is just the opposite as exercising will help one take better and productive decisions, will release stress from the body and will ensure healthy living. Eventually, one will evolve in life!”

Please tell us something about the contribution of mental health in the world of fitness.

“Mental health is crucial. In order to remain calm and composed in challenging situations, we are first required to be mentally sorted. Everything falls into place if we are mentally stable. Our health becomes better, our lifestyle becomes promising and hence we remain more at peace. People believe that one requires to be mentally happy in order to maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle. But, the situation is the other way around. One requires to exercise regularly and maintain a disciplined work out routine in order to fend off stress and negative thoughts. Plus, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables helps a lot to maintain sound mental health. So, in the world of fitness, mental health is like the ladder that we all should keep climbing. 

Do you choose yoga and meditation to keep your mind happy?

“Absolutely! I believe that everyone must make yoga and meditation a part of their daily lives. As I mentioned, everyone does not require a marathon. Marathon is for people who can endure running that long while enjoying it thoroughly. Whatever forms of exercising gives you happiness, one must go for that.”

Tell us about your marathon journey? 

“This journey started when I was in FIIB only. Eventually when I passed out from the college in 2000, I made sure to take my new-found passion for running to higher levels. In 2009, I ran my first ‘Half Marathon’ and moved to ‘Full Marathon’ in 2014 when I was 40 years old. 

In 2019 I did Chicago and NY in a span of 2 weeks and raised 3,694 US dollars (2 lacs 60 thousand INR) for Pediatric Cancer Research and Cure in America. So I ran for a cause and will continue to do so. So whatever you do, make sure you give something back to the community.”

What is your biggest achievement?

“I finished the NYC marathon. The moment when I touched the finishing line, it was the most emotional and moving experience of life so far. I was actually running in the loving memory of my beloved father who made me who I am today.”

What are your future plans?

“To complete the Marathon World Majors. Serious marathon runners aspire to complete the world’s 6 marathon majors. 3 of them take place in Boston, NYC and Chicago. The other three happen in London, Berlin and Tokyo. When one completes these Marathon, it is termed as 6star. This year I am planning Berlin in September while gradually moving towards my 6 Star dream.”

Anything else that you would like to share?

“When I got through Chicago and could not get through NY, I was slightly sad. Then I asked myself why cannot I raise funds instead of being sad? Eventually I started to gather information about different charities. One requires to commit to charities through a minimum amount of 3,000 USD and choose a charity house and then give the money to treat the ill people in order to develop them clinically. 

More than running a marathon and travelling from Delhi to NYC, I was more concerned about how to raise funds.I made sure to reach my network and build my story and reach out even further and mobilize the funds. I’m happy that I could actually fulfil my target of raising money for the charity. It gives me immense peace and I will try my best to join every dot to make this world a healthier place. 

I wish you all a happy, healthy and long life and never quit on exercising regularly.”